Saying Good-bye To Another Furry Friend…

"Fat Sandy"

It’s been about two weeks since we buried “Junior”, the dog, and yet we’ve already lost another one of our “furry friends”– a cat we  lovingly referred to as “Fat Sandy”.

I first met “Sandy” almost seven years ago while I was volunteering at our local animal shelter.  Sandy was a shy, sandy-colored cat, that had no sign of a tail.  Her tail wasn’t bobbed, she just didn’t have one!  Sandy was an older cat who had been dropped off at the shelter, along with her one remaining kitten–the owner no longer willing to keep them.  The little female kitten looked exactly like her mother, except she had a half tail, which made her look like someone had chopped part of her tail off! 

Being the “cat-lover” I am, I felt sorry for– and fell in love with both cats!  I wanted to give both of them a home, but I had already adopted several cats.  I decided maybe I could stand to adopt just one of them, but  I was torn between which one to adopt.  I knew that mother cats have little chance of getting adopted, but I wasn’t sure if anyone would take a kitten with one-half of a tail either!

The shelter lady helped me make up my mind by agreeing to keep the mother cat at the shelter for a while to be “the official shelter cat”.  This title kept animals from being euthanized–at least for a while longer than most.  I decided to adopt the kitten, and I named her “Stubby” because of her tail.  The shelter lady allowed me to name the mother cat, so I gave her the name “Sandy” because of her sandy color.

The weeks went by, and Sandy continued living at the shelter.  Loretta, the shelter lady, allowed Sandy to roam free in the isolation room of the shelter instead of being confined in a small cage.  I donated a cat tree to the shelter, and Sandy’s favorite place to stay was in the top of that cat tree!  

It soon became apparent that Sandy wasn’t a very social cat, and  I was pretty sure nobody would ever adopt Sandy.  I wasn’t sure how long she would be allowed to live at the shelter–so of course I eventually ended up adopting her, too.

Sandy did fine once I brought her home.  She was much more relaxed at our home, although she always remained a bit skittish.  At first Sandy was a house cat, but she had a bad habit of climbing onto the kitchen table and counters– she loved high places!  She also had a bad habit of stealing!  She stole a whole loaf of bread off the counter once!  Sandy loved to eat, so she eventually ended up with the nickname “Fat Sandy”!  Sandy’s bad habits of climbing and stealing food eventually caused her to become an outside cat.

Sandy’s kitten, Stubby, disappeared about a year or two after I adopted her, but “Fat Sandy” lived a long and happy life outside.  Of course, we’ve all grown older, and we noticed the past few months that Sandy hasn’t looked as fat.  She began moving slower, and eating less.  Sandy still managed to hang around the door waiting for occasional “handouts” and she usually slept under the car port.  Then we noticed a big change in Sandy a few weeks ago, and knew that her time was running out.

Yesterday my husband buried our little “tailess friend”.  Although he used to fuss every time I brought home another shelter animal, he grieves along with me when one of them dies.  I’m glad I decided to give Sandy a home.  She was a good furry friend, and she was loved.  She’ll be sadly missed, too.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear you have lost another furry friend. We have seen many kitties come and go too. It is always a trauma. My daughters finaly were able to take their cats to their home and now I am done with animals. One more worry I will hand over to them.

  2. I am so sorry. This is so sad. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. ((HUGS)) Fat Sandy was so lucky to have you in her life.

  3. A pet that stole food or got on the table a lot would end up outside at our home too.

    I’m sorry she is gone, but it least she was able to live out the rest of her years at your house.

  4. Another goodbye so soon must be so hard.

  5. Awww I’m so sorry Kathy! I know how you feel! 😦

    Come and visit me…I have a surprise for you!

  6. I’m so, so sorry. Bless you for giving her a home.

  7. Reading this breaks my heart. 😦 At least Fat Sandy had a nice life with you and Mr. Ed. I’m so glad that you decided to bring her home too. I just said a special prayer for you to help with your grief. Some people just don’t understand that our cats really are our children. 🙂

    My little Pippin has been a little “under the weather” lately, but he’s starting to feel better. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost him. On June 1st, he’ll be 3 years old.

    It’s been a while, so update us on what Bobs has been up to. Being her eccentric self, I’m sure. LOL 😀

    • By the way…Fat Sandy was quite beautiful. 😛

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