Flashback Friday…In The News

I want to begin today’s post by thanking everyone for sharing their “hope chest” stories and thoughts on yesterday’s post.  I really enjoyed reading those!  It’s fun to share and compare our life experiences. I also want to remind you to enter my giveaway, if you’d like to, and haven’t already done so.

Today we’re talking about all things that were ” in the news”, back in the days when we were growing up.  I’ll be honest and admit–I had to google the 60’s to actually jog my memory, but once I read the top news stories, I began to remember watching the stories unfold on the news.


I grew up watching the news team of Chet Huntley and David Brinkley on one channel, or Walter Cronkite on the other!  Those were the days!  We only had two channels to choose from for a long time, then ABC came on board. 

I don’t ever remember being sheltered from watching the news.  In those days the news media used more discresion and didn’t furnish so many graphics and details. 

I never remember my parents subscribing to a newspaper of any kind though.  If something special was going to be in the local paper, they went to town and bought that week’s paper.

While I was growing up, in the sixties, I never realized what turbulent times they were.  So much social activism–civil rights movements, women’s rights movements were at the forefront.  The Vietnam War dominated the entire span of the sixties… talk of war, participation in war, protest of war.  On one hand, we had the peaceful demonstrating, dope smokin’ hippies  sayin’ “make love, not war”… Then there were those scary radical groups like the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground who used violence in attempting to bring about their agenda of social change!  Wow!

  I remember the Vietnam War always being in the news.  I remember when the draft was first started, and I remember my brother getting called up to serve in the army.  I also remember watching the nightly news to find out what was happening in the war each night while my brother was in Vietnam.  I remember the nightly “body counts” being given on the news.  Those were some tense times for our family, and it was a relief when our loved-one came home safe and sound.

On the flip side of the Vietnam War, I remember seeing the war protestors on the news, as well as the draft dodgers who burned their draft cards and fled to Canada.  I couldn’t understand how those men could desert our country, while  two of the men I loved most in the world had gone to serve…  

I remember watching as John Glen became to first astronaut to totally orbit the earth.  I think I was in the first or second grade, and I was in awe…  I was just entering high school when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, again I was in awe.  Space travel has always amazed me!

The news event that most stands out foremost in my mind was the assassination of  President Kennedy in 1963!  To this day, I remember sitting in my fourth grade classroom when the announcement was made that President Kennedy had been shot.  That would never happen in school these days.  I remember when 9-11 happened, I was working at our local elementary school.  We were instructed not let the students know that anything had happened, even though all hell was breaking loose in New York.  My how times have changed! 

In googling the sixties, I discovered one bit of news which happened that I don’t remember hearing about.  Perhaps it was on the news and I didn’t understand what they were talking about, because I would’ve only been about age six.  Remembering how discreet the media was back then, I can’t help but wonder how they broke the news of “the introduction of the birth control pill”! 

In honor of this bit of “life-changing” news for women, and in the closing of this “in the news” post, I’ll leave you with a song by Loretta Lynn.  One thing about Loretta Lynn, she tells things exactly like she sees them!  Apparently, her song caused quite a stir in its day, with some radio stations refusing to play it.!  Have a great weekend y’all…

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  1. That Loretta Lynn song is pretty funny. My how times have changed!

    Thanks for sharing your memories!

  2. ‘this chicken’ remembers listening to Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty always singing in the background at my granny’s house…hahahah!
    Law-retta, as we called her, always shoots straight!

  3. Thanks for sharing your memories. I had to try to find news stories of the 80s and couldn’t really find much that I remembered watching as news rom my childhood.

  4. I remember we only had 3 channels when I was growing up. I guess it didn’t really matter….we always had fun shows to watch.

  5. Don’t remember that song. I wasn’t much into country then, but love Loretta now and that song is priceless!

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