The Crazy Pet Lady…


Yep, that’s me…the crazy pet lady!  I’d have to be a bit crazy to spend so much on pet food each week!  The pet food bill is nearly as much as the human food bill!  Who would’ve ever guessed that I would have had so many feathery, and furry creatures sharing my life throughout the years?  Not me, and certainly not my husband–who grimaces every time we hit the pet aisle at Wal-mart!

I didn’t have very many pets while I was growing up as a child, but believe me, I’ve more than compensated for it as an adult.  Fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, cats, dogs, and even hermit crabs–I’ve given them all a home over the past thirty-nine years. 

We chose most of our pets, but over the years a few have chosen us.  They came from who-knows-where, and they stayed!  Many of our pets were homeless pets, adopted from our local shelter after being abandoned by their previous owner.  I can tell you from experience that “shelter pets” make the best pets!  They appreciate escaping the miserable confines of an animal shelter, and they show their graditude.

When most people think of an animal shelter, they think of cats and dogs, but all kinds of animals are abandoned.  I’ve seen hamsters, birds, rabbits, chickens, horses, and even a mink at our local shelter!  You  never know what is going to come through the doors–or be left on the porch.

A few of the animals featured in my video belonged to my daughter.  She loves animals, too, and most of her pets were rescues.   I always considered her pets my first “grandchildren”, and they considered me their “grandma”.  They came to visit quite often!  Sadly, all of my furry “grandchildren” have passed away now.  Gizmo, Annie, Precious, Big Buddy, Junior, Prissy, Fluffy, and Buddy were all “special grands”.  Prissy actually ended up living with me for a time!

While several pets shown on the video are still with me, many of them are not.  It’s been nearly six years since I stopped volunteering at our local shelter, so many of my rescued pets are getting on in years.  Trouble is our oldest living cat, and currently lives with my son, Brad. At one time or another, she has lived with all three of my children since they moved out! 

Charlie the cat is still with us, but his half sister, Fancy, passed away last year.  We only have two dogs left, Ethan and Morris.

The following video is a tribute to our living pets, and the ones who’ve already gone…

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  1. Your Prissy cat looks a lot like our tuxedo cat Star, whose white spot on his face is in the same place. I think I remember you telling me that one time, now that I think about it.

  2. I just LOVE this video. You have been a godsend to so many animals. God bless you for that. 🙂

    I’m trying to figure out if my Pippin looks more like Prissy, Fat Susan or Buddy. I think he favors Prissy the most. 😀

    By the way…I think Bobs was the “star” of the video !!! 😛

  3. new follower….Follow Friday 40 & Over stop by for a visit also a pet lover

  4. That’s a lot of pets!! The video was cute…it’s nice you have a lot of property too. Have a great weekend!

  5. Love the video. Newest follower from Follow Friday. Would love for you to follow back at

  6. Love the video. I’m your newest follower from the Follow Friday blog hop. Would love for you to follow back at

  7. So sweet! I had two parakeets growing up, in the same order and colors yours were. Crazy pet lady is a good crazy to be!

  8. What a lovely video..I really enjoyed favorite photos were the one where the Cat is drinking from the table top fountain and the one peeking from under the blanket.
    Mama Bear

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