Six Word Saturday…April 9


Just got back from the city!

My husband and I got up early this morning and drove fifty-five miles–one way– to Savannah, to return and exchange some of the rehearsal dinner items that I purchased on Wednesday!  Some items just didn’t work for me!  Welcome to my world!  If you need to do anything requiring much shopping, you have to travel to do it, because we live on the back side of nowhere.

Mission accomplished!  We made the trip to the city and back, exchanged and returned the items, ate breakfast on the way there and lunch on the way home, and it’s only four o’clock in the afternoon! I’m on the couch with my laptop and hubby’s down the road trying to kill a tree!  Life is good! 


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  1. Sounds like a long trip into town. But I guess it is worth it to have the serenity of living out in “the back side of nowhere!” Ha! *smile*

    Happy Saturday!

    Linda @ truthful Tidbits

  2. Sorry the items didn’t work out but it sounds like the return was a fun Saturday!

  3. Sounds like a fun exciting day! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time.


  5. Ah Kathy, indeed life is good.
    LIG L2P
    (Life Is Good)
    (Learn To Play)
    BTW, we live forty miles to the front and north of nowhere. LIG here too!

  6. I sometimes miss living on the backside of nowhere, I’ve been in the city too long now.

  7. Sometimes I wonder if I would be more productive if the stores weren’t so close to me. It’s too easy to go to the store out of boredom, forget half the things I really need and then come home wondering where my money just went. I think living further away from the stores would make me more purposeful and organized! LOL! Glad you could make a little trip out of your in town errands! – G

  8. It’s been many years since I’ve been to Savannah. I love it there. Sorry you had to make returns but hope it all works out in the end!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

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