Random Tree Tales…

the magnolia that we sit under

You know, I can still remember sitting in my mother-in-law’s yard over forty years ago.  She and I would sometimes sit outside in their swing, and she would tell me about the trees in her yard. She’d tell me how she and her husband had planted each one of them over the years.  At the time, I was still a teenager since I married at age 17, and it was amazing to me to think that she and her husband had actually planted those huge trees!  These days, I completely understand.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I found myself sitting in the shade of a large magnolia tree which is located just outside my front door, between my house and my daughter’s.  My daughter and granddaughter were sitting with me.  While sitting there, I began to talk about the trees in the yard, and how I remembered planting the very magnolia we were sitting under, when it was a small sprig. 

Back in the days when my husband and I were planting those trees, I never dreamed that one day I’d be sitting in their shade with my grandchildren.  Time passes so quickly!  Of course, some of the trees that we planted have died over the years, but several have stood the test of time.  The magnolia is among my favorites. 

For many summers, that magnolia stood beside our swimming pool deck, sharing its beautiful blossoms and fragrance with us while we swam or relaxed on the pool deck.  The pool and deck are long gone, but the magnolia still shares its blossoms and fragrance each year.

Another of my favorite trees is the sycamore tree located in our old backyard.  It’s the last tree that we planted in the yard, just a few years before we moved next-door.  I still remember the argument that I had with my husband about getting a sycamore tree.  He said the little balls that fall off the tree would tear up his lawn mower!  So far the tree hasn’t had any little sycamore balls on it!

Our son-in-law did reforestation work when he and my daughter met.  He and his dad replanted trees on cleared timber land.  At the wedding, Brandy and Clint gave out little pine seedlings as wedding favors.  We kept two of those little seedlings, and planted them in Brandy and Clint’s backyard.  Even though Brandy and Clint no longer live there, those two pine trees are still growing in, what is now, our oldest son’s backyard.  We fondly refer to those trees as “Brandy” and “Clint”.  Brandy and Clint’s first “child”, a chihuahua named Gizmo, is buried between those two pines.

"Brandy" and "Clint"...with the grave marker in the middle

I love trees, but there isn’t any room to plant new trees in our new yard because it is filled with pine trees, most of which need to be cut down because of disease or defects.  My husband is working on doing just that–one tree at a time.  It scares the “you-know-what” out of me every time he cuts down a tree.  I’m always afraid a tree will fall the wrong way, and end up in the wrong place–like the time one landed on the rabbit’s hutch!  Fortunately, only part of the tree hit the hutch, and no harm was done to the rabbits! 

I have to share one last “tree tale” before I go.  This tale involves a massive oak tree in a town where my husband used to work several years ago.  The tree was located in a section of town where the people lived in government housing, didn’t hold jobs, but received government checks.  The tree happened to be located near the main highway running through town.

Every day, many(non-working) people gathered under the massive oak tree and played checkers all day, while working people passed by on the way to their daily jobs.  At some point, the working people got tired of seeing all those people, being supported by their tax dollars, enjoying the shade of that oak tree all day!  Someone devised a plan, and killed that massive oak tree as dead as a hammer!  I’m not sure how they did it, or when, but the rumor was that someone had the tree sprayed.  Before long, the massive oak tree mysteriously died, and had to be cut down, and hauled away.

I’m not sure where the people play checkers these days, but it’s not beside the highway–in the shade of that massive old oak tree–for all the working folks to see, and I think the tax payers in that town are just a little happier about that.

Have a great, and shady day, my friends 🙂

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  1. You were married at 17! And you are still married to the same man! Good for you. I got married at 18. Still married to my man too. Love the tree stories. Those are the kind of thing you really want written someplace and passed on to the future. Great post.

  2. Thank you for sharing the history of your trees. It’s all about putting down roots, security and family. Because of my husband’s job we have moved many times and it is always difficult for me to leave the things I have planted in the ground. I am persistent though and keep planting gardens where ever we are. You are a lucky one and I think you know it.

  3. Love the story of the Magnolia but that is so sad that the towns folk killed that oak tree! That’s just awful spite and it will come back and kick them all in the pants. We had someone up here cut down the “honking” tree along the side of the highway, we guess it was the new homeowner that didn’t like all the people that honked when they went by. The tree was well over 200 years old and was honked at back when people first started driving up the lake shore in the teens and 20s. (There is still a $5,000 reward for info to find out who did it!) Now there is a cross there for the tree and people honk more then they ever used to, including my hubby and I. 😉 Have a great day!!

  4. Loved your tree stories!!! I live in the house that was built by my grandparents and they planted the big old pecan trees that surround the house. I just love them – and I picture him planting and watering them.

  5. What a beautiful post. I love the tales of your trees. I have fond memories of planting trees with my dad. Maybe I’ll make it my “T” story in the A-Z challenge!

  6. What a wonderful feeling it must be to sit under the magnolia tree with Brandy and Madison. I love magnolias, as did my mother. 😀

  7. Wow! Poor oak tree didn’t do anything wrong. 😦

    Great story though!

  8. Sure enjoyed your memories of the trees you had planted. And I loved the tree seedlings as wedding favors! Wish we had the variety of sycamore that you have. Ours definitely has those balls. And it is so tall now that a good wind blows those huge leaves over our roof to the other side of our house where our flowerbeds are. i guess it doesn’t matter now, because I have neglected those beds for more than a year!

    An interesting tree we saw out west had 100s of trees thrown up in it. My husband’s “loneliest road” post included a pix. It was weird.

  9. Very interesting stories. How wonderful that you can share your tree story with your granddaughter and someday she will be sharing the same story with her granddaughter.

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