Six Word Saturday…April 16


Welcome to Six Word Saturday…the little meme hosted by Cate, that only requires six little words!  Come on, join in the fun, by adding your own six words.

My six words for today are:   McDonald’s charges an “eat in” tax???

A while back, my daughter mentioned to me that McDonald’s charged her a “take out” tax on food ordered at the window.  I didn’t think any more about it…until one Friday evening when my husband and I ate at McDonald’s for supper–something we rarely do.  After we got our food, and were seated, my husband looked at our receipt.  We had been charged an “eat in” tax!  I couldn’t believe it–we had been charged a fee just to sit in their establishment??!

Today, my daughter and I ate lunch at a different McDonald’s.  I ordered a chicken sandwich and a small coke–and I was charged an “eat in” tax of thirty-three cents!  Again, McDonald’s charged me to sit at their table and eat my sandwich??! 

We can’t win at McDonalds.  If we order our food to go, they charge us a “take out” tax.  If we eat it there, they charge an “eat in” tax!  

I don’t see any sales tax listed on my receipt…What’s up with that???  Is the “eat in”/”take out” tax supposed to be the sales tax???  If so, then why not just call it “sales tax”???  

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  1. The state of the world??? Soon they will be taxing us to breathe.

    Next time I eat at Macca’s I’ll have to look at my receipt and see if we get charged an eat in tax in Australia

  2. I wonder if there’s a difference between the sales tax charged on food served IN the establishment versus food served in “to-go” containers? It’s the only rational explanation that I can think of. We never eat at McDonald’s (or “Get-Donalds” as T#3 says) unless we’re treating the Ts … I’ll have to check our receipt next time.

    Have a blessedly wonderful weekend!

  3. What a rip-off! Makes me want to go to our McDonald’s to see if they do the same thing. That is just ridiculous. Wonder if that is a city tax of some type. Do the other places charge you this tax? Visiting from 6WS.

  4. I know I remember when I first learned that….incredible isn’t it?

  5. My hubby said that is just the way they keep track of if you eat in or out…and it’s just the regular tax.

  6. This could lead to trouble. You might be interested in THIS.

  7. My daughter works at McDonalds in Manchester. I’ll ask her when she gets home whether we charge eat-in or eat-out extras over here in England too 🙂

  8. I agree with Linda. It’s probably that they keep track of if you eat it there or take it out and the tax is just regular tax. If all else fails…call them and ask them. LOL

  9. Some states have had this for years, its usually the same as what your regular restaurant tax is for a place like Perkins percentage wise, the take out tax us usually the same percentage as what the deli charges for their tax on many items. One may be lower than the other, its just one more way the states get revenue from us all. :-/

  10. Maybe they’re trying to keep track of how much is take away and how much is sit down business?

  11. I don’t eat much at Micky D’s but next time I get something I will look at the reciept.

    Just wanted to let you know that I recieved your box today. I LOVE everything in it! Hoping to get a post up tomorrow about THANK YOU so much! It’s a great giveaway!

  12. Kathy,
    Thank you for such a generous giveaway! You can see my post here

  13. I’ll have to look on our receipt next time. hummm.

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