The New Granddog, “Newbie”

Ethan and Newbie

 It seems that my husband and I have become grandparents again!  We became “instant” grandparents a couple of weeks ago when Jennifer’s dog, “Newbie” moved in at our son, Brad’s house. 

Newbie became the victim of  changing times.  Jennifer is gone from home most of the time, between working twelve hour shifts, doing wedding stuff, and spending time with Brad.  Jennifer’s dad is gone a lot as well.  Newbie was basically spending a great deal of time alone, and Jennifer’s dad got tired of being her caretaker.  In other words, poor Newbie got “the boot”.

On the same day that Newbie moved in at Brad’s, she came to visit her new “grandparents” for the first time. Ed and I are used to “furry grandchildren”. For the longest time, we thought “furry” was the only kind of “grands” that we were going to have.  Our daughter blessed us with a variety of “granddogs” and “grandcats”, but the actual first grandchild eluded us for over five years.

Our yard is a bit like a “mini zoo”, so one more furry creature is barely noticeable to us.  We are used to our daughter bringing her animals to visit, before she moved next door to us.  What we aren’t used to was– how our old hound dog, Ethan, reacted to Newbie!

Ethan, our hound, is a very fat, somewhat lazy dog. Years ago, he wandered up to the highway in his younger days, and got bumped in the rear end by a car. As a result, he has a bit of arthritis in one hip. He spends most of his days looking for soft, cool, spots to sleep most of the day away. 

Ethan didn’t know quite what to think when Newbie the dog showed up! He began to act like he was a young pup again, trying to establish his territory, and impress his new lady friend all at the same time. He was hilarious, and he put on quite a show!   For a time, Ethan forgot he was old, and a bit crippled!

By the second visit, the two dogs had become pretty good friends. Every two or three days, Brad and Jennifer have been bringing Newbie by for a visit. Newbie gets to run around the yard and play, without being on a leash, while Brad and Jennifer get to spend time with us. Newbie has become so playful with Ethan that sometimes he hides from her–just to get a break!  I think Ethan’s body reminded him that he’s old!  Newbie’s like the little annoying kid at school, she’s always there! 

One morning last week, I received a phone call from a neighbor about eight o’clock in the morning, telling me that “Newbie” had dug out of her kennel! This wouldn’t have been such a big deal, if Brad didn’t live beside a four-lane highway! I quickly hopped into my car, and went to see about the dog, since nobody was home at Brad’s house.

Judging from the size of her hole, Newbie was trying to dig to China! She didn’t succeed, but she managed to squeeze her body under the fence in order to gain her freedom. After several minutes, I finally managed to coax the wet, muddy, hyper, Newbie into the front seat of my car!  Thank goodness for a beach towel on the seat!  Newbie spent the entire day at my house, until Brad could get home from work and fix her pen, late that evening.  I got to babysit our new granddog!

Newbie escaped several more times since that day, resulting in the addition of a wooden floor to her kennel! Brad has yet to take time to actually build the floor, instead he’s improvised by just laying the plywood directly on the ground and putting the kennel on top of it…Something tells me, Brad’s about to learn a difficult lesson about how easily plywood warps whenever it’s not nailed to a frame!  Experience is the best teacher, don’t you think?

Brad is already complaining about his “step daughter dog”! The constant filling in of holes…feeding, playing with, and exercising the dog whenever Jennifer isn’t around…He says the dog doesn’t listen to him… Ha  Ha!  Boy, has he got a lot to learn!  

My daughter once said, “Dogs are great practice for becoming a parent!” You know, she’s right, and they’re pretty good practice for becoming grandparents, too! 

Have a great Tuesday, and while you’re at it, why not take a ride on the Tuesday Train?


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  1. I always say its a good thing dogs are so cute because they definitely have their moments : )

  2. Next time she’s looking for a pet, we’ll have to convince Jennifer that cats are the way to go. ;-P LOL

    Thanks for sharing such a sweet story. 😀

  3. Those holes scare me. Skye did that a few times!
    Looks like they are having a good time together.

  4. Our dog Koda has dug some pretty tremendous holes too. Thankfully we keep him tied up so he can’t escape that far.

  5. Old dogs are just like old mean I guess when it comes to a young pretty thing…
    Mama Bear

  6. What a wonderful story!!! It sounds like Newbie has been blessed with a wonderful new life!

    Thanks so much for joining the Tuesday Train ~ hope to see you again next week!!

  7. Thank goodness our dogs never were diggers. It’s a good thing dogs are so loving and lovable … they can be a whole lot of trouble, too! 😉

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