Many Similarities…

As you can imagine, Brad and Jennifer’s wedding plans are shifting into another gear these days.  As a part of those plans, Jennifer and I spent some time this week going through old photographs of her and Brad as they were growing up. 

While going through their old photographs, we discovered a few things.  Like the fact that both of them had baby photographs made in front of the same background!  I failed to notice that similarity, but Jennifer didn’t.  She noticed the stuffed dog in the background immediately! 

As Jennifer and I browsed through more of those old photos, we found more similarities–like these “chair photos”.


A bit uncanny, don’t you think?  In fact, I was pretty much able to match every one of Jennifer’s childhood photographs with a similar one of Brad’s. 

Just look at these photos of two sweet little children at church.  One, at a church costume party, dressed like Samson, while the other stands in the front of the church dressed like an angel!

I also discovered that even as adults, the similarities continued…Both had college graduation photographs taken with their moms–and both moms were standing on the same side!

In case you’re wondering why we were gathering all of these old photos, Jennifer needed them for a slide presentation for the wedding.   If Jennifer’s uncle pairs the photos just right, I think it should make an interesting presentation.

It was fun walking down memory lane with Jennifer, but I couldn’t help but feel a little sad as I was looking through Jennifer’s photos.  I found myself wishing that Jennifer’s mom, Denise, and I could have sat together, compared our children’s baby pictures, and talked “mother talk”!  I think we both would’ve enjoyed that very much.  Her presence is missed by all of us.

*Denise passed away last year, at the age of just 49.  She would’ve turned 50 this month.

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  1. What a sweet story about the pictures. That’s neat. I really wish that Jennifer’s mom could be here with her for her big day too. She’ll be there in spirit. And another thing, she’s gonna have a terrific mother-in-law. 😀

  2. That was fun!

  3. I’m sorry her mom’s not there too….the pictures are sweet.

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