Friday Flashback…Wedding Memories

 Today’s Royal Wedding of William and Kate has prompted Linda to ask us to write about our wedding memories from “the good ole’ days”.  This may be a tough challenge–I don’t have a lot of other wedding experience!

First of all, my family didn’t attend many weddings while I was growing up.  I’m not sure why, but I think  it was because weddings weren’t as big of a deal back then. Oh, some people had large weddings, but I think many more had small ceremonies, or simply got married at the courthouse.

The earliest union that I remember, but wasn’t able to attend, was the wedding of my brother to his high school sweetheart.  He lived out-of-state at the time, and if my memory serves me correctly, I don’t believe our family even had a car at the time.  I was only nine years old when he got married, so I never knew any of the wedding details.  I just remember that he got married, and none of his family was present, which to me is very sad, but this story has a happy ending–My brother and his wife just celebrated their forty-seventh anniversary last October. 

The first wedding that I remember attending was that of my first cousin.  It was a large, formal, church wedding.  I attended the wedding with my husband-to-be, while we were dating.  I attended because the groom was my cousin, while my hubby-to-be attended because the bride was his neighbor!  It was a beautiful wedding, and I was in awe.  I was  devastated a few years later when the couple got divorced.

I’ve only been in one wedding, other than my own.  I was a bridesmaid for one of my girl cousins when I was a teenager.  This particular cousin and I were very close during our teen years, and our husbands-to-be were friends, too.  I was honored, but scared to death about being in her wedding. 

I can still remember the dress that I wore in the wedding.  It was a long, mint green dress, made from “dotted swiss” fabric.  It had long ribbons stitched down the front of it.  The headpiece was a little white crown with a mini veil.  

My most vivid memory of that wedding day was having to stand in the “receiving line”, and thinking that it would never end! ( I made a vow to myself that day that I would NOT be having a receiving line when I got married, and I didn’t!)  I’m pleased to announce that this couple will be celebrating their forty-first wedding anniversary in June!

The next wedding that hubby-to-be and  I attended was the wedding of a couple,  who were both friends of ours. Their wedding was a very small wedding ceremony, I think they each had one attendant.  It wasn’t anything fancy, in fact, it was very simple.  There wasn’t a lot of music, flowers, or food, but something about the ceremony impressed me so much that day! I found myself thinking, this is the kind of wedding that I want!  The day was more about the couple being joined in marriage–not  so much about attendants, flowers, or food. 

I stayed true to my beliefs, and that was the kind of wedding that my husband and I had, just two years later.  A maid of honor, a best man, two baskets of flowers, no singing, a wedding cake, some punch, and NO receiving line!  My parents spent a grand total of three hundred dollars on the wedding, and we were all happy!

Sometimes I watch a show called “Rich Bride, Poor Bride”, and I am appalled!  There seems to be no limit to the amount of money some people are willing to spend on a wedding!  I can’t help but wonder how many of those marriages actually survive past the honeymoon.  If today’s couples would put half as much effort into maintaining the marriage, as they do in planning those elaborate weddings, today’s divorce rate wouldn’t be so high!

As I watch my youngest son and his bride-to-be,  planning and preparing for their wedding, I  hope and pray that the two of them will keep firmly in mind what the wedding day is really all about.  It’s not so much about the wedding, but more about their marriage, and the beginning of their life-long journey together, as husband and wife.  I wish them much happiness and success on their journey!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. I am also appalled at the amount of money people spend on today’s weddings. And the ridiculous number of bridesmaids/groomsmen. Ours was a little bigger than yours, but nowhere near what seems to be the new “norm”.

    BTW, I answered your question about the “house party” in my comments.

  2. You are right about the money spent, so many put so much emphasis on the one day and don’t think about all the aspects of the marriage.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. While your weddding day should be a day of wonderful memories, I agree that more time is put into planning the day with far less thought toward the marriage.

    I, too, don’t remember, as a child, going to any weddings. I’ve been in 3, 2 of which ended in divorce. My sister and husband will celebrate 38 years in Aug.

    Thanks for your memories. They are always entertaining.

  4. Hi Kathyi ~~ Our grandkids are spending a small their dad’s fortune on their weddings. At least it is a fortune to me! I liked your write-up as it seems a lot of us didn’t go to weddings back when we were young. 🙂

    Our daughter stayed overnight in the grass on the route to Buckingham Palace. Her intentions were to rush in after wedding party had came in. I hope she had a good viewing spot for that. She was at the ropes by the street fairly close to the castle. She said that she them all going and coming this morning.

  5. I don’t recall weddings as a child and I was only in one wedding as a bridesmaid. Hubs and I kept it simple–small not even ceremony at his parents beach house. No one there. But I hate being the center of attention. We did spend quite a bit on DD1’s wedding but it was lovely and it was what she wanted. of course, compared with other weddings in the Charleston area, hers was probably seen as inexpensive. DD2 was in a wedding last summer that cost the bride’s parents over $50,000! YIKES!

  6. I share your lack of passion for weddings. The details, debts, and difficulties of marriage are overwhelming enough with out the couple piling a ton up before they even start life together.

  7. That’s another great photo of the soon to be married couple!

  8. It is the love between the two people that matters. Having a huge wedding doesn’t make the marriage work.
    I love your simple wedding. Kind of sad that you couldn’t be at your brothers wedding. We kept our wedding kind of simple by having the dinner in the church basement and a party at my parents house. Everyone had a great time and stayed until 3am. We took off early to head to Mackinac Island.

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