Six Word Saturday…April 30

My six words for today are:   Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

It’s been said that over two billion people, world-wide, tuned in to view the royal nuptials yesterday.  Were you one of them?

No way was I going to get up at 4:00 a.m. for anything, but my curiosity finally got the best of me!  I recorded the wedding on my DVR, then watched it later in the day on Friday.  I was able to fast forward through some of the boring parts–like watching the guests arrive,  as well as some of the wedding music. 

In the end, I was glad that I took the time to watch the nuptials.  It was well worth my time to get such a bird’s-eye view of Westminster Abbey.  What a beautiful cathedral!  I don’t remember being as impressed with it in the past.  Perhaps the cameras were able to record more details this time, or maybe because I’m older, I noticed more details.

The other reason I enjoyed watching the wedding was because of  THOSE HATS!!!  Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen such a bizarre array of hats in my entire life!  I sat and wondered over and over…what in the world is she thinking to wear that hat! 

My all-time favorite (NOT!)  hat was worn by Prince Andrew’s daughter, Beatrice.  My husband remarked thatif she were to wear that hat around here, she would be mistaken for a deer, and would be shot!  I think he’s right, it does sort of resemble a pair of antlers!

On a more serious note, I enjoyed watching the royal wedding.  The bride was radiant, the groom was handsome, and the wedding was simply beautiful.  I hope their marriage is successfull, as well.  Now that it’s over, maybe I can hear about something else on television, for a change!

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  1. No, I didn’t watch the wedding. As I mentioned on my blog, I only get up that early for an emergency or to leave on one of our trips. 😉

    I never thought about recording it. I should have since I’m definitely too exhausted and too sore today to do much of anything other than sitting in the recliner and watching some TV or reading. ha!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Oh yes…I DVR’d it too. But I also got up at 5:30 and watched from that part on first.

    I thought the bride was beautiful…and her dress was simple elegance!

    I am like you…I want them to live Happily Ever After!


    (And that hat was crazy!!!!)

  3. This topic is on a lot of people’s minds this 6ws. I was up at 6am to watch. And I agree – fergie’s daughters were a mess.

  4. I was up so I watched some of it before I left for work and DVR the rest of it. I loved the hats too! Great 6WS!

  5. I was up. Mrs. Jim and I watched the whole eight hours plus that was broadcast.

    We thought of a deer hat too. In fact the way both of these ladies were dressed reminded me of the women on my “Old Maid” cards.

    Happy 6WS. 🙂 I’ve been absent for a while!

  6. um…didn’t watch it. forgot about the wedding entirely…

  7. I watched it all, and then when it was finished joined in with a Street Party where we celebrated with food, games and dancing! A great day.

    I know what you mean about some of the hats… hideous!

  8. I got up to watch. I’m a romantic at heart. I watched Diana and Charles tie and untie their knot. I was glued to the TV when she died and went to the traveling Diana Exhibition that has her wedding dress. I agree about the odd fascinators. That is an appropriate name for them too. It’s kind of like school pictures and getting new glasses. You always look back and wonder why you chose to do that.

  9. I watched the wedding, walked Tucker 2 miles, and was at school to sub for a friend by 7:50! I was tired by the afternoon.

    I wasn’t surprised by the hat–people say that Fergie’s daughters are rather….extravagant? Hilarious comment by your hubby! LOL

  10. I watched. I was up anyway!

  11. No, I haven’t. I saw a couple of photos.

    6WS= The Similarities of White Lily & Daffodil. 🙂 On the side note hope you can join me in Thursday Two Questions Meme

  12. I watched but it was Friday evening here, about 8pm. I wouldn’t have woken up at 4 am!

  13. these hats are all the rage but i find it doubtful it would catch on over here… otherwise, i’ve enjoyed the wedding and all of the pageantry.

  14. I said exactly the same thing – the hat looked like antlers. Just goes to show that money can’t buy style.

    Loved the wedding tho, I’m a sucker for happy endings

  15. I didn’t watch & to be honest, I don’t quite get the draw but a lot of people were drawn. Thanks for letting me know my link didn’t work, you can read it here if you are still interested. B is for Balkanized

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