The Bridal Shower…


I’m taking a ride on the “Tuesday Train” blog hop.  Today feels like one of those days when I’d like to hop aboard a real train…and just “get away”.  Instead, let me tell you a little bit about this past weekend…

Jennifer was given a bridal shower at her church on Sunday afternoon.  After giving it some thought, Brad decided to accompany Jennifer to the shower.  I love a man who is adventurous, don’t you?  Brad’s never been a shy person, so it didn’t really surprise me that he would agree to be the only male in a room full of females, with most of them being age forty and up!

Hooray, for storage containers!

  Brad and Jennifer have both been having grueling work schedules lately, so the shower was a good opportunity for them to spend some extra time together.  Sunday happened to be the only day,  last week, that Brad didn’t have to work!  The two of them decided to attend church services together, and just stay at church until the shower began at two o’clock.

I laughed as I listened to the two of them telling the story of how their day began on Sunday morning.   They decided to drive Brad’s grandmother’s car to church because it’s a large car, and would allow more room to bring their gifts home (why do older people drive such big cars???).   They continued to tell the story of how they first had to unload MeMa’s “potty chair” and  “wheelchair” before they could even drive it! (excess items from the personal care home) The thought of the two of them sporting around town in MeMa’s Lincon Towncar, accessorized with a potty and a wheelchair struck me funny!

Then, Jennifer decided to take a table overlay, and  one of her new candle centerpieces (for the reception) to church, to see how they were going to look on the tables.  Unfortunately, something happened, and she broke one of the glass votive holders in the church parking lot–and managed to cut her finger, as well.  She said she entered the services with a church bulletin wrapped around her bleeding finger!  Then, later,  she discovered that she had ordered the wrong size overlays for the tables…Not a good start to the day! 

Assaulted with a set of sheets!

 Now, I have to be honest and say that Sunday got off to a “rocky” start for me as well.  I, personally,  had been a bit apprehensive about this bridal shower, for my own personal reason.  One of the twelve hostesses of the shower, who also happens to be Jennifer’s second or third cousin, used to be my boss about five years ago.  Unfortunately, she and I parted ways on bad terms,  over my letter of resignation, believe it or not.  Life is strange sometimes, isn’t it?  Who knew that she’d be my son’s inlaws one day?    
Sometimes bad beginnings make good endings, and in the end the shower was a success (and I survived).  The shower was well-attended, and Jennifer and Brad received an array of attractive, and useful gifts.  The hostesses’ gift to Jennifer was a bright red, Kitchen Aid mixer on a stand.  I overheard several guests remarking, how much they’d like to have that mixer.  Come to think of it, a red mixer would look very nice in my kitchen, too!
That’s it for today, I’m off to get a haircut, which always makes my day better.  Have a great Tuesday y’all!
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  1. Great pics. We had a baby shower for Megan (my oldest daughter) Sunday, but I forgot my camera. I told her I would just get copies of hers.
    A kitchen-aid mixer, my dream mixer. I try to enter everytime Pioneer Woman gives one away.

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    Thank you
    Have a blessed week

  3. Great photos and so glad that the shower ended up being a success!

  4. There is always something extra to add stress to an already busy day. Sounds like all turned out well though.They are a gorgeous couple.

  5. Breezy’s hubby, who is also named Brad, went to all her showers! He loved being a part of all of it! He’s awesome!

    Life is funny sometimes, isn’t it?

    Guess what I have in my kitchen? That’s right- a red Kitchen Aid mixer!!! And I LOVE it!

  6. Looks like everyone (including Brad) had a good time! Ya gotta admire a man that can handle that many women and come out smiling!

  7. Wow, I guess that is a good reason to be nice — you never know when the road will intersect again – how stressful!!!

    Thanks for riding the train today!
    The Survival Mama

  8. A Kitchen Aide mixer is a wonderful gift. I waited over 25 years to get one myself..and I love red…they didn’t have it in red then….
    which reminds me of a dream I had that you’ll appreciate…I dreamed that an animal control person came by to write me up for all the cats in my yard….I drug the man in my house by the tie and pointed out my cat Smokey and told him that the cats in the yard were not mine. Furthermore, I said, those cats are purple and if they were mine they’d be red….hope you get a laugh out of my dream…
    I’m happy to see Jennifer and Brad having a good time…they deserve it.
    Mama Bear

  9. 🙂 Glad you survived!

    Looks like them are off to a great start.

  10. Glad it all turned out well after a rough start. Wow, a Kitchen Aid mixer is a great gift!

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