Thinking Back Thursday…My Mother-in-law

I’ve heard many mother-in-law horror stories, but, thankfully, I can honestly say,  I can’t relate to any of them.  I know beyond a doubt that I was blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law.  She’s always been like a second mother to me.

She and I have shopped together, baked together, canned vegetables together, and yes, even raised children together.  While my husband and I were busy raising our first child, my in-laws were busy raising their first grandchild, the son of Ed’s younger brother.  As so often happens these days, a child was born to parents much too immature and irresponsible to properly care for him.  His parents were still children (ages 15 and 16) themselves.

The years of child rearing have long passed, as have the days of baking and canning together.  These days, my mother-in-law lives in a personal care home.  This last year has been a rough one for her.  She’s been the victim of multiple pin strokes, with each one stealing a bit more of her life functions, as the year continued on.

Of course, she would prefer to be at home, and she constantly reminds my husband of this,  but, unfortunately,  that no longer is an option.  She needs constant supervision, to make sure she takes her medications, eats properly, and takes care of her personal hygiene.  She is a diabetic, and needs supervision with this as well.  Recently, she lost most of the hearing in both of her ears, and she now requires a walker to get around. Getting old is no fun, but it’s something that we all have to face, unless the Lord calls us home early.

MIL sharing a laugh at Easter

Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday.  She is eighty-nine…or eighty-seven.  There has always been some discrepancy about her age.  For years, she’d never tell her age, and we could never figure out why.  These days she asks us how old she is!

Anyway, happy birthday, to my wonderful mother-in-law, however old she is!  I hope her birthday is a good one.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your MIL! You are blessed to have such a sweet woman in your life.

  2. God Bless her! I love her age philosophy. My MIL had tendency to be a little cranky. We had only been married 8/9 years when she passed away. She did have some great one liners that I have quoted many times to her son though.

  3. Happy Birthday Granny Bacon – God bless !!! 😀

  4. Happy birthday to your MIL. What a blessing to have a MIL with whom you are so close. 😉

  5. My dad turns 88 in June. He always says “don’t grow old.” I’m so glad you have had a wonderful relationship with your MIL. I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

  6. I can so relate. Everyone wonders how I handle my MIL living with me. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a wonderful christian lady that is such and inspiration and encouragement.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your MIL.

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