A Tale of Two Kitties…

This is the story of two kitties…Not my kitties, but my grandson’s two kitties.  I usually save all of my grandchilden stories for my second blog, “MiMi’s Mini Tales”, but this story was just too good not to share over here, too.

Several months ago, a tiny black and white kitten showed up at my son’s house…and it stayed.  Brett and his family didn’t really want or need a kitten, but they got one anyway. The kitten stayed outside, hung around their back porch, and ate their left-over scraps.  Because the kitten was always underfoot, Brett quickly nicknamed the kitten “Stupid”. 

It wasn’t long before Brett’s wife decided that “Stupid” wasn’t an appropriate name, so she changed the cat’s name to ” Toby”.  Brett and Christina’s two-year-old little boy, Caden, had his own idea of a name for the kitten, and soon he began calling him “Bingo”.   The little stray black and white kitten soon became known to our family as “Stupid Toby Bingo”, or “STB” for short.

Months passed, and “STB”–I mean, “Bingo”,  grew larger, and quickly earned the love and respect of his family when he kept the mice away from their home for an entire winter!  Caden became very fond of his furry friend, and it was obvious that “Bingo” loved Caden as well.  “Bingo” became a plump, happy little kitty, and he could always be seen outside,  switching his tail and running around the yard.

"Bingo" after his ordeal

About two weeks ago, on a Sunday evening, Christina was on her way to church.  She left home, and was about three-fourths of a mile down the highway when she heard a thud.  She quickly checked her rear view mirror because she thought she might have run over something.  She saw something black running off the side of the road, but didn’t think much about it– until later that evening when she returned home to discover “Bingo” was missing.  

Soon Christina began to realize that “Bingo” must have been hidden somewhere underneath her car, then fell out while she was going down the highway!  She realized that it must’ve been “Bingo” that she saw run off the side of the highway.

As bad as it was, I felt a little optimistic, since Christina had actually seen something black running off the side of the highway, but several days passed, and there was still no sign of “Bingo”.  We assumed he was either dead or lost for good.  Caden, who loves animals,  missed his friend, “Bingo”, terribly, so his mother decided to get him another kitten.

"Spencer" the new kitty

About eight or nine days after “Bingo” disappeared, Christina adopted a new kitten from a friend.  This kitten was also black and white, but was very small.  The family quickly named the new kitten “Spencer”, and began to get to know their new family pet.  He’s so tiny, they’ve been keeping him in  box inside their house for now.  

About two days after the adoption of “Spencer”, Christina went outside early one morning, and discovered a very skinny, very battered “Bingo” walking into the yard!  Somehow, the young cat had managed to survive falling out from under the rapidly moving vehicle AND found his way back home after ten days of being lost!  “Bingo” was very happy to be back home! 

Judging from the looks of him, “Bingo” had a wild ride, and is very lucky to be alive.  I think he may have used up one of his nine lives…and it will take a while to fatten him back up!  Talk about bad luck–how about surviving a fall from a moving vehicle, ten days of being lost, without food or water, only to arrive home and discover you’ve been replaced! 

Hopefully, the two kitties can co-exist and will eventually become friends!  I also hope that “Bingo” will continue to eat and drink, and become his chubby playful self again.  I enjoy stopping by, checking on him, and leaving him an occasional treat…sometimes, I’m funny like that.

By the way, after this ordeal, “Bingo” has totally earned our love and respect.  We now lovingly refer to him as “Mister STB”!

And that concludes my “Tale of two kitties”…have a great Tuesday!


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  1. I think your family and my younger sister would get along just fine….she just took in another kitten this past week. She’s a softie for strays : )

  2. A great story with a even better ending. I bet the two new family members will get along just fine.

  3. Ouch, poor kitty! I hope he and his “new brother” get along just fine.

  4. Poor Bingo!!! I’m so glad his found his way home.

    Just an FYI – I had a cat go missing and find his way home after awhile – be sure and watch that Bingo starts eating. Sometimes animals, after going for a period of time without eating, will not begin eating again. You may know all this (if so I apologize for taking up space) but unfortunately I didn’t until it was too late and my kitty didn’t survive.

    Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!!

  5. Poor MR. STB, you have to love kitties, we have 3.Great blog, following from the train

  6. What a sweet story with a happy ending!

  7. What a great story! I’m so glad “Mr. STB” is ok. And, little Spencer is just adorable! He looks like my Pippin did when I first got him. I love everything about cats and that includes this great story. Thanks for sharing. 😀

    • Speaking of kitties…what’s Bobs up to lately? 🙂

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