School’s Out For The Summer?!

Oh, my!  It’s barely past the middle of May, and school is already out for the summer here.  When I went to school, we attended school until after the first of June!  Years later, when I was employed at school, we still went to school until after Memorial Day.  The twist was, we didn’t go back to school until mid to late August.  These days, school is already back in session by the end of July or the first of August!  What ever happened to  the days of summer?

When I was a kid, the fourth of July pretty much signaled that summer was officially in “full swing”.  These days, by the fourth of July, “back to school” sales are already being advertised on television.  Something about this just doesn’t seem right!

When I was a kid, I sort of hated to see the school years end.  I never seemed to get  comfortable with everything until after Christmas.  It took me that long to feel at ease with my teachers and classmates. Then the inevitable always happened–school would end, and I’d have to start all over in the fall!

While I worked as a paraprofessional at school, I felt the same way.  By the latter part of the school year, I knew each student’s strength’s and weaknesses, and we all felt like family.  I knew their behavior patterns, and how to best handle them.  I’d watched them learn and grow.  Of course, by then it was almost time for school to get out for summer–which meant starting all over again!

I always loved “post planning” days at school(the days after the children are finished, but the employees aren’t).  We could wear shorts to work, and we did lots of cleaning out and throwing away in our classrooms!  Who doesn’t love a good “spring cleaning”?  Out with the old, getting ready for the new!  We also had a couple of end-of-the-year staff luncheons, which always meant GOOD FOOD!  What a wonderful treat–no cafeteria food, and longer than twenty minutes to eat!  Pure Heaven!

After three days of post-planning, I was able to go home to be with my children for the summer.  Our family filled our summers with lots of camping trips while our children were growing up.  We had a camper, and we always took two full weeks of vacation each summer.  We would camp for a week in June, then another week in July.  We didn’t usually travel very far, because none of us liked to ride.  Our trips were usually within two or three hours of home, and included state parks, the beach, and a few area tourist attractions.

We spent many happy hours swimming, fishing, riding bicycles, telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallows around campfires, playing on playgrounds, and of course, shopping!  We always did lots of shopping, usually at Wal-mart.  We had to visit every Wal-mart along the route!

I miss those sweet days.  They passed entirely too fast.  These days, those precious children, in the photos above, range in ages from thirty-two to twenty-four!  Two of them now have children of their own.  The youngest, the little one in the little raft, will be getting married in five more weeks.

These days I’m watching my family fill the summer days with activities for their own children.  Madison’s pre-school just ended last week, and she’s already been to a t-ball game, story time at the local library, and had a playdate with some little girls at my daughter-in-law’s house.  It’s already another fun summer–and it’s only mid-May!

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  1. WOW up here school is still going until mid June but starts up after Labor Day! I remember the last few weeks of school always being parties and field trips because no one was into “learning” anymore. Enjoy your summer.

  2. Last day of school here is next Friday. Makayla is going to summer camp for the first time this year. I hope I handle it okay. hehehe
    Have a great weekend! I want the cooler weather that we had at the beginning of the week back.

  3. Yeah – I remember when the summer break didn’t start until June myself. Times change I guess. Sad, but true. 😐

  4. The schools run til mid-June here and don’t go back until after Labor Day which is what I remember growing up. It does not feel anything close to summer temperature wise so I suppose its good summer starts later here for the kids.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. My sister is a Mi. H.S. teacher and they still get out aroud the 9th-11th of June and go back after labor day. I remember my mother talking about getting out in middle May (in Mo.) so the boys could help in the fields. July is way to early to return. Families still have so many “summer” things to do.

    Our town had a Blueberry Festival the 3rd weekend of Aug. You knew then school was starting.

  6. When my children were in school they would get out around June 16th and then not go back until after Labor Day. This seems so early to me! Enjoy your Summer.

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