Six Word Saturday…May 21

My six words for today are:

More former students graduating this evening.

It’s that time of the year again.  It’s time for high school graduation here.  I always enjoy browsing through the local paper during the week before graduation.  I always look for names and faces of former students.  It’s something that I’ve enjoyed doing for the past ten years or so.  It’s been five years since I worked in education, so I won’t have many more years left to do that!

I was so pleased this year when I saw that one of my former students is the class valedictorian!  That is a first!  I’m so proud of Caroline.  I still remember her as a little girl, yet here she is a young woman!  Her mom is a teacher, and was a fellow co-worker back in the days when I worked as a parapro. 

Several more former students received scholarships, as well as Caroline.  I can’t help but feel proud of all of them!  I knew them all when they were six, and were still learning to read!  Now here they are, young men and women, about to graduate high school, many with honors!  Where does the time go?

Each year, as I’m browsing through the newspaper,  I am also keenly aware of many former students that I don’t see among the faces of the graduates.  I can’t help but wonder what happened to them.  I wonder what they are doing in life. 

No matter where they are, no matter what they are doing, I wish the best for the class of 2011.  May the Lord be with them, and guide their steps, as they begin yet another chapter of their young lives.

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  1. Oh these are happy and sad times all mixed in with such turmoil and stress but glory too! Have fun!

  2. It’s always interesting to find out how former students are getting on.

  3. What a lovely idea…watching for former students who are graduating!
    Dianne @

  4. Graduation here is the second week of June. Our family is so humongous we always seem to have a graduate or as in the case of this year 2. A second cousin and a nephew.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  5. It’s so cool seeing former students. I teach 4 & 5 year olds and my first class that I taught will be going into the 4th or 5th grade next year! Time flies when you are having fun! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)

  6. This former Special Educator hears you lodly and clearly. You Might be interested in this: Zero Degrees

  7. Yep – tonight’s the big night. The two graduates I know the best are Walt Sands and Emily Mock. I’ve watched them grow up and I still can’t believe that they’re adults now. Wow. I’m beginning to feel every single one of my 43 years. 😛

  8. I love looking through the graduation announcements as well!

  9. what school’s over for the summer? here we only end on July 22nd. bah humbug. have a great one.

  10. How wonderful to see your former students thriving! I think that is a wonderful thing to do! Visiting from 6WS!

    Susan in SC

  11. It must give you such a sense of accomplishment to know that you contributed (even in some small way) to helping these young people become everything that they can be and more.

    We need more teachers like you in the world – have a great week

  12. Great post. I am now wondering how the students who were 5 and 6 in the first class I taught in 1995 are going now…

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