Meet Me On Monday…May 23

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to begin a new week…and join Java for “Meet Me On Monday”! Here are today’s questions:

1. What is your favorite bagel flavor?  Call me boring, but I prefer plain bagels…and call me weird, but I prefer to eat them with butter and jelly on them, like toast.
2. If you had an extra $100 right now, what would you spend it on?   A new point and shoot camera
3. What is the last thing that you felt guilt about doing?  Having to buy a new camera
4. Soft serve ice cream or hand dipped? Hand dipped–chocolate, of course!
5. Are you allergic to anything? I’m allergic to a few medications–Feldene, Tetracycline, and Betadine.

Speaking of medications, I’m making some progress in getting used to the new dosage of Synthroid.  For now, I’m cutting one-fourth of the tablet off, and it has made a noticable difference in the side effects.  Of course, last week, I began experiencing a new problem–stomach issues caused by my arthritis medication.  I seem to be developing an ulcer.  What next?! 

You may recall that I dropped my camera last weekend.  My husband got it working again, but after taking about a half a dozen photos, it stopped working again.  He wasn’t able to get it working again (sniff, sniff).  So…I had to order a replacement camera yesterday.  (I’m glad I got some money for Mother’s Day)  I feel awful that I was clumsy and dropped the other one.  I’d only had it for two or three months.

I just turned on the television and saw my first peak at the damage made by yesterday’s tornadoes in Missouri.  Wow!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  That’s a lot of devastation!  As for us here in the south, the summer heat has already arrived!  It’s expected to reach 98 degrees today–and it’s still May!  Strange weather…all around the country.

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  1. Sorry about your camera. I can’t believe your temps…we are so cold and gray and gloomy here. I am ready for some heat! And most definitely some sun!

  2. I’m sorry about your camera, I know how that feels when you have something pretty new and it gets broken. We are still in the low 50’s here and today is now the 10 day of rain!!! enjoy the summer heat 🙂

  3. Sorry about your camera. I hope you get a better one. I know loss is hard though.

  4. I love my camera too so I can understand your disappointment and your guilt, because there is no way you can go without one. You have grandbabies to photograph.

    The tornados have been ruthless this spring and summer’s coming.

  5. I’m right there with you on the hand-dipped chocolate ice cream. Yum, yum !!! 😀

    My camera hasn’t worked in a few days, so I know how you felt when your camera stopped working. I don’t know what I’ll do without a way to take pictures of Pippin. 😛

    Have a nice week, and don’t forget to use the wrist strap with your new camera. 🙂

  6. I like the plain bagels too if I buy them from the store. I usually put butter or peanut butter on them… unless I make an egg sandwich with them instead:-)

  7. When I allow myself to eat a bagel, I’m the other person in the world who eats plain ones with butter and jelly.

    Sorry about the camera- If I drop mine I’m done for.

    We might see a record high today of 97. IT’S HOT! And my mood is NOT pleasant. LOL It’s fine as long as I stay inside.

    I saw the devastation in Joplin…it’s just horrible.

  8. We have even heard about the recent tornadoes here in Australia too. Its horiible.

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