Random Thoughts For May 24

The Mother's Day Porch

I have no specific train of thought this morning, so I’ll let my mind wander.  I seem to be doing more wandering and less concentrating these days…probably because I’m not feeling my best.

First of all, my heart goes out to those affected by the recent tornadoes.  With so much of the town destroyed, many people’s entire lives have been disrupted.  It’s one thing to lose your house, but it’s another to lose your home, job, and loved ones.  One small place in Kansas lost their entire town–the bank, the school, the post office, the cafe–an entire little town destroyed by one storm!   

The destruction of the hospital in Joplin, Mo. particularly caught my interest, since my husband is employed in the healthcare industry.  I can’t imagine having 184 patients in a hospital, and having a tornado hit the building!  Add to that disaster, 400 more injured people needing treatment, and just imagine what that must have been like for those hospital employees!  I don’t think any amount of “disaster drills” can adequately prepare an employee for that!

 Speaking of weather, we reached a record high of 99 degrees here yesterday.  I’m thankful for a cool, air-conditioned house!  I was outside earlier, watering a few flowers, and it’s already heating up outside this morning.  It’s hot and dry here, but I’d rather deal with heat and drought than a class 4 tornado!

I finally have a family of birds visiting my bird feeder daily.  I don’t know what kind of birds they are, but there are three of them.  (They look like a combination of a woodpecker and a cardinal)  In addition to those three birds, I also have a pair of cardinals, and one blue jay.  I’ve been trying to attract birds in my yard for three years!  It’s been hard, considering I have so many cats roaming the yard.  These days, my cats are old, fat, lazy, and not so much of a threat.  Hmmm…now that I think about it, those cats are a lot like me  🙂

My husband almost finished the new porch this past weekend.  It turned out to be a bit of an ordeal, lasting two weekends, but he did it.  I’m thankful that he’s a patient man.  He started building in the midst of my hormonal imbalance, need I say more?  He only had to make two changes before he got my seal of approval.  I’m so glad he listened and made the changes, because now it’s perfect!  I’m also glad it’s finished–except for adding one final board to close up the top step, and being painted. 

Today is May 24th, which would’ve been my mother’s birthday.  She’s been deceased for nearly fourteen years.  She died at age 70, which seemed pretty old to me at the time.  These days…not so old at all!  I guess age perception depends on which direction you are looking from.  On that thought, I’m signing out for today!

 I’m joining Tuesday Train today.  Click the button to find out how you, too, can hop on board!


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  1. Beautiful porch! He did a great job. Love your thoughts about all the people who have had there lives ripped apart too.I think you speak for a lot of people who just the TV and hold our breath.

  2. We have a friend’s daughter who is attending college at the PC of G Messenger College there in Joplin. Thankfully she came home last week, two days before the big storm. Her mom said it’s likely she would have been somewhere in the middle of it since she is one of the few students with a car and is out and about driving friends around a lot. Thankfully she was at home safe and sound.

    Your porch looks good!

  3. The tornadoes are so sad. Keeping everyone in my prayers.

    I love your new porch, it’s beautiful.

  4. What a beautiful porch. Tell Mr. Ed I need one terribly, so he can come help Ashley build one. LOL

    I am keeping all the tornado victims in my prayers.

  5. He did a great job! Love it!

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