So How Was Your Weekend?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Our weekend here began with a light shower of rain on Friday evening.  Saturday began as an overcast day, but by lunch the sun had come out, and the rest of the weekend was perfect!

I don’t know when we’ve had a more relaxing weekend.  We didn’t go anywhere, unless you count a quick trip to Wal-mart on Saturday.  We bought lots of good food, then spent the rest of the weekend eating and relaxing!

we spent time cooking...

I boiled the first pot of peanuts of the season, and Brandy bought a watermelon.  We had barbecued ribs, grilled chicken, pork chops, baked beans, potato salad, hamburgers, hotdogs….strawberry shortcake, brownie pie, smores….just to name a few things.

My son-in-law and my husband had their grills going on both Saturday and Monday evenings.  The weather cooperated with us by providing enough breeze to keep the south Georgia gnats at bay most of the time.  We also had a couple of fans blowing under Brandy’s car port.  We were able to eat both meals outside, and actually enjoy it!

we spent time eating...

We took the time to build a fire in the fire pit three nights in a row–and sit around it!  Is there anything more relaxing than sitting around an evening fire?  Fortunately, there wasn’t a mosquito in sight!  All three nights were perfect for being outside, but by Monday evening, I was exhausted and came in a little early.  I missed the making of the smores…Sometimes, relaxing and having fun can be exhausting!

Here I sit today, still tired.  Not so much from the weekend, but from a lack of  anti-inflamatory (arthritis) medication.  I’ve had to temporarily stop taking my Nsaids due to the issue of stomach irritation.  (Nsaids work wonderfully for arthritis, but the are rough on the stomach.)  As a result of being without Nsaids, I’m beginning to feel tired, stiff, and I move a lot like a ninety year old woman!  Last night I resorted to rubbing my feet down in “Bio Freeze”!  This is not a good way to begin the summer!

I managed to rally enough this morning to keep the grandkids for a couple of hours this morning so their moms could help Jennifer make some favors for the wedding.  The girls made birdseed bags while the kids and I played with trains, dolls, tractors, and tools.  The grandkids didn’t seem to mind that MiMi moved a little slow…and life goes on.


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  1. Your weekend sound perfect. We had a nice relaxing one also.

  2. I worked Friday, did some house cleaning Saturday, relaxed Sunday after church and took the kids to their annual Kidfest day on Monday. But today felt just like a Monday morning as I did not want to get up. 🙂

  3. Sounds like the perfect Memorial day to me. One of my daughters loved the boiled peanuts right away. They tasted like black-eyed peas (which I love) in a shell to me. I haven’t rationalized the roasted with the taste of the boiled ones yet.

    I know the getting down is much easier than the getting up part for me too.

  4. Sounds like a great time. 😀

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