House For Sale…Snakes Included!

I hate snakes!  I am scared to death of them.  As far as I’m concerned, all snakes are deadly!  Coming in contact with one, could make me have a heart attack!

Every now and then we have a snake visitor around our house.  In fact, just this week, my son had a snake in his yard–and he summoned my husband to come and kill it.  I wasn’t there, and I’m glad I missed that event!  I think it involved my husband missing a couple of blows to the snake, the snake striking at him, and my daughter screaming, while sitting with her brother in the car!  If I’d been there, I would’ve been in the car screaming, too…

Perhaps it was my dislike for snakes that drew my attention to a news story on Yahoo yesterday.  The story was about a house in Idaho that has been foreclosed on twice, in recent years, because it’s infested with thousands of garter snakes!  Can you imagine?  I can’t!

The Idaho Snake House

The story went on to say that the “Idaho snake house” was actually built in 1920, then remodeled in 2006.  Apparently, in recent years, this house has become a place where garter snakes gather in masses to hibernate for the winter!  Thousands of snakes slither through the yard, the crawl space, the walls, the ceilings, and across the floors of the house!  Former owners of the house even woke up to find snakes in their bed!  One former owner  reported reaching for a light pull one evening–only to discover it was actually a snake!

If all that’s not disgusting enough, the story goes on to say that although the snakes are harmless, they tend to give off “malodorous secretions” when alarmed, and can even leave your well water tasting a bit like the snakes smell!  Doesn’t that make you want to rush to the tap for a glass of water?!  Nothing like having “malodorous”  snake slime all over the place either!

Chase Bank has taken the “Idaho snake house” off the market, for now, and plans to seal the foundation, and install a barrier around the foundation to prevent future snake access.  Because the house was apparently featured on “Animal Planet” earlier this year, Chase now has the task of getting rid of the snakes without harming them. (Ha!)  They plan to have the snakes trapped and relocated–as soon as it warms up a bit more, and the snakes begin to crawl!  I say put a tent over the house, and gas ’em all…In my opinion, the only good snake is a dead one!

If you’d like to move to Idaho, and wouldn’t mind sharing your home with a few thousand snakes, I’ll bet you can purchase this house C-H-E-A-P !  If you’re the curious kind, take a look at some video of the “snake house” (and some of its inhabitants) which is posted on YouTube. The family featured in the clip was the first family to let the house go into foreclosure because of the snakes.

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  1. Ewwwwwwwwww, I’m with you … the only good snake is a dead snake. And that includes “harmless” garter snakes. Ewwwwwwww! (I won’t even watch that video! ha!)

  2. You have GOT to be kidding me. I with you on the tent and the gas. I couldn’t even watch the video–I hate them so much! Oh, and make room for me in the car!

  3. I read that story myself last night before bed. Since I was headed to bed, I didn’t watch the video because, knowing my luck, I would’ve dreamed of snakes all night. 😀

    • I just got Ashley to come in here and watch the video with me. We were both amazed. I can’t even begin to imagine living like that. :-O

  4. OMG I hate snakes. I actually buy a product that is safe for children and pets that we use as a boarder around our yard. I am terrified that Skye will meet up with one, it’s one of my greatest fears.

  5. Something like this has to be disclosed when selling it. I can’t believe these people bought it. “malodorous secretions” ewww. I’m with you. Gas the bunch of them. Or, call PETA… let them capture them. When it comes to them or me… I win.

  6. Wow. My daughter watched the video with me and said she’d love to live there. Leave it to her to be excited about something like that.

  7. whom ever is the owner please email me at i can and will get ride off all snakes in house and the deen also let talk now i love to be the new final owner i love idaho i like to move and live in that house year round please contact me now urgent i am serious

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