Those Beautiful But Pesky Racoons…

Yesterday I visited the blog of one of my newest blog friends.  His name is Walter, and he is the blogging husband of my long-time, blog friend, Linda.  The two are a delightful couple, living– and blogging about– their retirement days.  In fact, the title of Linda’s blog, “Retirement Daze” is what first attracted me to it!

Linda and Walter have been in my thoughts and prayers a lot since “Good Friday” when Linda actually suffered a stroke.  I’m so happy that Linda is back home now, participating in therapy on an out-patient basis.  I am also happy to see that she is beginning to blog again 🙂  I’ve missed her!

Anyway, the subject of Walter’s most recent post is a beautiful, but pesky critter known as a raccoon.  You can read his post, and see a photo of one of his beautiful pests here.    Reading about Walter’s adventures with his pesky raccoons started me thinking about my own “raccoon adventures”.

Many years ago, our family used to spend a lot of time in campgrounds camping.  One of our favorite campgrounds had some very brave, and pesky raccoons as residents.  The resident raccoons would sneak out of the bushes at night, and scour our campsite for food!

I always loved to hang colorful party lights along our trailer awning, and let them burn all night.  It wasn’t uncommon to open the camper door at night, and catch a raccoon or two snooping through our campsite!  When we would catch one in the act of rummaging our campsite, they’d simply turn and look at us with a how dare you disturb me look on their face!

On one particular evening, I remember boiling some chicken parts outside on the camp stove (to feed the critters), then leaving them on the stove to cool.  The next morning, not only was the cooked chicken missing, the entire pot was gone!  We found the pot in some near-by bushes, dragged there(we assume) by some hungry raccoons–who love chicken, by the way!

You may be wondering how I know that raccoons love chicken!  It’s because we used to have some chickens, a very long time ago…and we had a lot of trouble with various “varmints” catching and eating our chickens!  Things had gotten so bad, with various predators raiding our chicken coop at night, that the remaining chickens finally refused to go in the coop to sleep anymore.

Instead, the remaining chickens began sleeping up in a maple tree in the backyard. Before long, “something” began chasing the poor chickens out of the tree in the middle of the night– and eating them.  That “something” turned out to be a three-legged raccoon!  He may have been missing one leg, but it didn’t hinder his chicken catching abilities!

So, yes, I can identify with Walter’s plight with pesky raccoons.  Fortunately, we’ve never had any of them trying to chew into our house–yet!  I hope we can get through life without that particular experience!

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  1. Racoons are not my favorite. When I was growing up a mama had babies in our chimney. Getting them out was quite the ordeal!

  2. WOW those poor chickens! But your stories are fun to read and I bet the memories will last a lifetime.

  3. Oh!!! Poor chickens! I’ll never look at a raccoon the same way again 😦

  4. Glad to hear that Linda is doing better. I haven’t had any experiences with racoons. Funny to think that your chickens would go up in the trees to sleep!

  5. He actually has raccoons chewing on his house? Interesting…

    Raccoons are daring little things aren’t they? Once year when we had the little kid pool under our bedroom window I heard splashing outside in the early morning hours. I looked out the window there were two raccoons washing something. We had to drain and clean the pool but boy were they fun to watch, especially since my daughter (who was 4 at the time) had climbed into bed with me. She was absolutely fascinated that she could see them so up close.

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