“Love Means You Never Have To Say You’re Sorry”?!

I’ve been watching the reruns of “Oprah” lately.  I record the show during the day, then watch it at night before going to bed.  Imagine my surprise a few days ago, when her show was about the movie “Love Story”!  Now there’s a blast from the past!  Oprah had actress, Ali MacGraw, and actor Ryan O’Neal on as her guests.  I nearly passed out when Ali MacGraw said that she was seventy-one years old!!!  Say it ain’t so!!!  She still wears the same hair style–long, straight, and  parted down the middle!

I remember the movie “Love Story” like it was just yesterday, when in actuality, it came out forty-one years ago–in 1970!  I was still in high school!

I remember buying and reading the book first–and I loved it.  Of course, I cried at the ending, but I loved the book anyway.  Life isn’t always sunshine and roses.

When I finally got to see the movie, I remember thinking that I liked the book so much better.  Of course, Ryan O’Neal was pretty to look at on the “big screen”, and he and Ali MacGraw made such a cute couple!  Imagine my surprise (again) when I heard Ryan O’Neal reveal to Oprah that he and Ali had a “thing” for each other during the filming of the movie!  No wonder there was such a good chemistry between them on-screen!  No acting  was required!

my very old "Love Story" music box

While “Love Story” was still popular, a favorite cousin of mine bought me a “Love Story” music box for Christmas.  Actually, we bought each other the same music box for Christmas, and we planned it that way!  We ordered the music boxes from an ad in a magazine.  I still have my music box, in fact, it’s one of my most treasured “what nots”.  It still turns and plays the theme from “Love Story”.  I’ve always loved that music box!  I think the couple on top sort of resembles what Ed and I used to look like as a young couple–in 1970!  Ah, those were the days…

Besides the fact that (a) Ali is now seventy-one, (b) Ryan O’Neal has had so much plastic surgery that he’s barely recognizable, and (c) the fact that the two of them had a “thing” going on during the making of the movie (while Ali was married)— the other big thing that stuck out in my mind from Oprah’s show, was the famous line from the movie, “Love means, you never have to say you’re sorry.”   Ha! Ha!  I wonder how many young couples actually bought into that idea…Perhaps that would help to explain the rising divorce rate since the seventies!

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  1. Great Post! I watched this movie recently on Netflix Instant Streaming.

    I bet that music box is worth some money.

    I didn’t know Ali was married when they made that movie but I do remember the movie magazines playing up a romance between the actors.

    Happy weekend,
    Mama Bear

  2. Darn! I missed that Oprah. Tht movie bacame such a part of the 70s and made both their careers. a 71 year old with the same hair. That’s even more amazing. Love the music box. I’m surprised you still have it and thanks for showing us. It does look like you and Ed.

  3. I loved that movie too but never bought that line! Even back then, I knew that you always say “you’re sorry” to the one you love. I think it’s great that you still have the music box and that it still works! That is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

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