Watching The Casey Anthony Trial…

For the second time in my life, I’ve become glued to televised court proceedings.  The first time was during the OJ Simpson trial.  We all know how that one turned out!  I sort of lost faith in the justice system after that.

I told myself I wasn’t going to get sucked into the drama of watching the Casey Anthony trial, but it’s nearly impossible not to get drawn in, since it’s on the news on every channel every day!  After about a week or so of hearing about court testimony on the news, I gave in and began watching.  Each day has been a learning experience.

First of all, I was stunned when I heard that the defense was claiming that little Caylee drowned in the family pool.  Oh please, does the defense think we fell off of a turnip truck, or what?  I’m sorry, I just can’t buy that theory!  People don’t hide the body when there’s an accidental drowning–they call 911!

I’m having a little trouble buying into the “molested by dad and brother” defense for Casey, too.  According to the defense, Casey was molested, and that’s why she lies so much.  I can’t wait and see what else the defense comes up with when it’s their turn to present their case–which begins today, by the way!

Here’s a list of things that I’ve learned while watching the trial over the past week and a half:

*Florida holds court on Saturdays!  Who knew?

*Casey Anthony is one of the most experienced liars I’ve ever seen– she’s very good at it!  In fact, I’d have a difficult time believing anything that comes out of her mouth. 

*People will do almost anything to get one of the fifty seats inside the courtroom…including waiting outside from 1:30 in the morning until line-up time “officially” begins at 5:30 am.  (I’d be too exhausted to pay attention after that!)  Some people have been trampled or assaulted by others, in an effort to get to the front of the line.  What ever happened to acting civilized?

*The odor of chloroform in Casey’s car, in addition to eighty-four searches on her computer concerning chloroform leads me to believe that chloroform somehow played a large part in this case! 

*Training cadaver dogs is a very interesting business, but it’s not for the “faint of heart”.  I had no idea how one trained those dogs to search out dead people!  Now I know. (shudder)

*The famous medical examiner, Dr. G, makes an excellent witness!  I love her  t.v. show, by the way!  She was quite impressive during her testimony, despite the defense’s best efforts to discount her “finding” that Caylee’s manner of death was a homicide.  I totally agree with her statement “there is no reason for any child to ever have duct tape on their face.”

*The young lady who processed the duct tape (found with little Caylee’s remains, still partially stuck to her skull) was also an impressive witness.  She testified in great detail how she tested the duct tape for prints, and saw the residue of a heart-shpped sticker–without even having to stop and think about it!  I found the details of that process to be quite interesting, too.  Did you know that “super glue” is used in the process?

*Much more time is spent on “side bars”, “recesses”, “lunch”, lawyers “objecting”, and the judge giving “directions” than is spent on actual court testimony.  Why does this fact not surprise me?!

My heart aches over the loss of  little  Caylee Marie Anthony’s life.  I see the photos of her each day, and her tiny face reminds me so much of my own little granddaughter.  A precious little life, ended after it was barely begun… 

My heart is so very heavy for Caylee’s grandmother!  The anguish is so evident on her face.  She’s lost her only grandchild, and is facing the very real possibility of losing her only daughter.  Her family has been torn apart before the probing eyes of the public.  As a wife, mother, and grandmother, I find her burden to be unimaginable.  What ever happens with this trial, her life will definately never be the same again.

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  1. I’m with you Kathy; Cindy will not have much of a life. Having been through a murder trial I was amazed at how much time is wasted and how little actually gets done in a day.
    I remember thinking in the beginning Casey put the ladder in the pool so she could say the baby drowned.
    My husband asked me last night what I would do if one of our 3 daughters hurt one of our 11 grand daughters. I could not even imagine. When this happened I made my kids promise to call me if they ever felt overwhelmed…they laughed at me and said they do.

  2. I haven’t watched any but have heard some snippets here and there. It is too sad to imagine.

  3. There aren’t words to describe how this whole situation makes me feel…very sad indeed. 😦

  4. I’ve watched most of the trial so far. The defense is taking this “I was abused” and My Dad was holding a drowned Cayle” because that is what Casey has told them. We’ve seen that old joke come to life. The “How can you tell when Casey is lieing? Because her lips are moving.”

    I thought Dr. G. blew them out of the park.

    I was working when OJ was in trial so I missed all of that but I did follow it. You have to watch to see what calamity fall next.

    I hope this cold hearted young woman goes away….far away.

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