The Anniversary Gift…

I’m afraid you may be getting tired of hearing about our anniversary, but I just have to share a couple more stories.  Today’s story concerns the anniversary gift.

I’ve already shared how, in the past, Ed and I usually bought something special to commemorate our wedding anniversary.  Remember this post about the goldfish pond?  Well, this year wasn’t any different.  We found our commemorative gift.

While staying at the beach last weekend, Ed and I did a little shopping around.  We went shopping through the middle of the day, when the sun was too intense for us to be out on the beach.  During one of our shopping excursions I saw something that caught my eye, even though I wasn’t looking for anything special.  It was a fountain!

This particular fountain was a sculpture of a little girl and a little boy,  playing in the water.  When I saw it, I immediately thought of our two grandchildren, Madison and Caden.  The children on the statue looked so much like them, and were doing something that our two grands love to do–play in water!  I fell in love with that statue.  On the day we left Fernandina Beach, we went by and bought the fountain for our yard.  It was a tight squeeze to fit it in our Cruiser, but we managed.  It’s amazing what will fit in that car!

My husband got up early (7am) on the day after we returned home, and began the process of installing the fountain.  First he had to remove an old fountain, remove a rotten stump that was under the old fountain, remove all of the river rocks from the bed,  clean them, then install the new fountain.  It was nearly an all day process.  Did I mention it was 104 degrees outside that day?  He worked like a trojan in that heat.

Late that same afternoon, my husband came inside to get me for the “unveiling” of the statue.  He’d set up two lawn chairs in front of the fountain, and had the running fountain covered with an old tablecloth so I couldn’t see what it looked like.  I sat down, he faked a drumroll, then removed the tablecloth…I loved it!  He made the moment special.

Hubby and I sat there admiring our anniversary fountain for a bit, and eventually one of us said, “another perpetual anniversary gift!”  That means it’s one of those gifts that requires constant work to keep up!  Come to think of it, isn’t that sort of like a marriage?  It takes constant work, too.

I love our anniversary fountain.  It will be a wonderful reminder of our 39th anniversary–and our grandchildren, for many years to come.

Wedding update:  I haven’t mentioned it but granddaughter, Madison, who is going to be the flowergirl, has been sick all week.  Her mom took her to the doctor yesterday, and found out she has strep throat!  Sure hope that antibiotic works fast!!!

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  1. Thank goodness mom got her to the doc! Once they get on the meds they usually perk up pretty fast.

    I love love love the fountain…we want to incorporate water here somewhere. Next summer I think : )

  2. What a great anniversary idea. I would much rather watch and listen to the fountain than get the flowers or dinner kind of things. I know you will enjoy the sound of the water for years snd this is a way to enjoy your grandchildren daily. Love it.

  3. How cool! How special the way your husband unveiled it!… Memories! Love that fountain! That will be so neat. Hoping and praying Madison will be back to herself quickly!
    until next time… nel

  4. Oh I LOVE that anniversary gift! It’s so cute … and provides a lot more joy (for a longer period of time) than a meal out. 😉 I wish I had a fountain!

  5. Awww… That was sweet. And the fountain is adorable too.

    Once they get meds, they usually are almost back to themselves by the second day. Here’s hoping!

  6. I just LOVE the fountain. And, you’re right, it does look like Madison and Caden. It is just adorable. I think it was also adorable how Mr. Ed presented the finished project to you. Thanks for sharing that story with us. God bless you and keep you both – for another 39 years !!! 😀 😛 😀

  7. Happy Anniversary and I love the fountain.

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