Meet Me On Monday…June 20

It’s Monday, and we’re baaaack!  Our anniversary get-way to the beach was absolutely wonderful!  Ed and I both agree, we don’t know when we’ve enjoyed ourselves more!  I’m so glad that we took time to rest, relax, and celebrate, even in the middle of a whirlwind of activities.

Monday means it’s time for “Meet Me On Monday”, so here are this week’s questions:

1. What feature of the opposite sex do you notice first?  I notice the face, the eyes, in particular.
2. Do you talk to yourself?  Yes, all the time!
3. What is your current relationship status?  Married, for 39 years, and 2 days.
4. Do you have a garden?  No, we chose not to plant a garden this year–and it’s probably a good  thing because the weather has been so hot and dry here.

5. What is your favorite licorice flavor?  I don’t really care for licorice.

This particular Monday also means it’s time to “hit the ground running”, since Brad and Jennifer’s wedding is coming up on Saturday, June 25.  So much to do…so little time!  I will try to post some during the week, but I may not do much blog visiting.  I promise to catch up after this week, though!

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Six Word Saturday…June 18

My six words:    Celebrating 39 years of marriage today!

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Thirty-Nine Years and Counting…

Tomorrow will be our actual 39th wedding anniversary, but we have plans to be relaxing and celebrating–beginning today!   Since we will be busy the entire weekend, I’m writing and posting this early. 

It’s hard to believe that Ed and I been together nearly forty years!  It seems like just yesterday, that we were a young couple, madly in love, and anxious to begin our new life together.  We married in a whirlwind of excitement, then quickly settled down to the business of establishing our new life…as husband and wife.

Following six wonderful, care-free, fun-loving, years as a couple, we eventually felt the need for “more”.   Before long, God blessed us with our first baby, and over the course of the next seven years, He turned a loving couple into a loving family of five!

We’ve had a few ups and downs, raised our three children, and faced our share of life’s challenges, but we’ve weathered it all–together.  There have been a few hard times, but so many more good times!  I wouldn’t trade a minute, because we experienced it all…together.

Our bodies are changing, life’s challenges are getting a little tougher, but these days we’ve got a whole new role to fulfill–as grandparents.  We’ll be making the best of it all…together.

…Changing, our love is growing gold ~ Even though we grow old, it grows new…

You’re still the one I want to talk to in bed ~ Still the one that turns my head

You’re still the one that makes me laugh ~ Still the one that’s my better half

You’re still the one that makes me strong ~ Still the one I want to take along

You’re still the one that makes me shout ~ Still the one that I dream about

We’re still havin’ fun, and you’re still the one!


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Watching The Casey Anthony Trial…

For the second time in my life, I’ve become glued to televised court proceedings.  The first time was during the OJ Simpson trial.  We all know how that one turned out!  I sort of lost faith in the justice system after that.

I told myself I wasn’t going to get sucked into the drama of watching the Casey Anthony trial, but it’s nearly impossible not to get drawn in, since it’s on the news on every channel every day!  After about a week or so of hearing about court testimony on the news, I gave in and began watching.  Each day has been a learning experience.

First of all, I was stunned when I heard that the defense was claiming that little Caylee drowned in the family pool.  Oh please, does the defense think we fell off of a turnip truck, or what?  I’m sorry, I just can’t buy that theory!  People don’t hide the body when there’s an accidental drowning–they call 911!

I’m having a little trouble buying into the “molested by dad and brother” defense for Casey, too.  According to the defense, Casey was molested, and that’s why she lies so much.  I can’t wait and see what else the defense comes up with when it’s their turn to present their case–which begins today, by the way!

Here’s a list of things that I’ve learned while watching the trial over the past week and a half:

*Florida holds court on Saturdays!  Who knew?

*Casey Anthony is one of the most experienced liars I’ve ever seen– she’s very good at it!  In fact, I’d have a difficult time believing anything that comes out of her mouth. 

*People will do almost anything to get one of the fifty seats inside the courtroom…including waiting outside from 1:30 in the morning until line-up time “officially” begins at 5:30 am.  (I’d be too exhausted to pay attention after that!)  Some people have been trampled or assaulted by others, in an effort to get to the front of the line.  What ever happened to acting civilized?

*The odor of chloroform in Casey’s car, in addition to eighty-four searches on her computer concerning chloroform leads me to believe that chloroform somehow played a large part in this case! 

*Training cadaver dogs is a very interesting business, but it’s not for the “faint of heart”.  I had no idea how one trained those dogs to search out dead people!  Now I know. (shudder)

*The famous medical examiner, Dr. G, makes an excellent witness!  I love her  t.v. show, by the way!  She was quite impressive during her testimony, despite the defense’s best efforts to discount her “finding” that Caylee’s manner of death was a homicide.  I totally agree with her statement “there is no reason for any child to ever have duct tape on their face.”

*The young lady who processed the duct tape (found with little Caylee’s remains, still partially stuck to her skull) was also an impressive witness.  She testified in great detail how she tested the duct tape for prints, and saw the residue of a heart-shpped sticker–without even having to stop and think about it!  I found the details of that process to be quite interesting, too.  Did you know that “super glue” is used in the process?

*Much more time is spent on “side bars”, “recesses”, “lunch”, lawyers “objecting”, and the judge giving “directions” than is spent on actual court testimony.  Why does this fact not surprise me?!

My heart aches over the loss of  little  Caylee Marie Anthony’s life.  I see the photos of her each day, and her tiny face reminds me so much of my own little granddaughter.  A precious little life, ended after it was barely begun… 

My heart is so very heavy for Caylee’s grandmother!  The anguish is so evident on her face.  She’s lost her only grandchild, and is facing the very real possibility of losing her only daughter.  Her family has been torn apart before the probing eyes of the public.  As a wife, mother, and grandmother, I find her burden to be unimaginable.  What ever happens with this trial, her life will definately never be the same again.

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Wednesday Hodgepodge…June 15

Thanks to Joyce for another great set of “hodgepodge” questions. Would you like to play along? Then click the button at the top of this post! Let the fun begin…

1. What is one thing on your bucket list? If you don’t have a bucket list let’s pretend you do.  I do have a “bucket list”, but the only thing on it at the moment is to go someplace where the water is crystal clear,  and there are beautiful white sandy beaches.  Our side of the ocean isn’t clear, it’s murky and gray.  Any suggestions as to where I should go?

2. What makes a good dad?  Someone exactly like my husband!  Whenever our children were little, he was never too tired or too busy for them.  He had the patience of Job.  He helped give them baths, brushed their teeth, helped with their homework, and so much more.  When they were sick, he helped care for them.  He did the things I wasn’t brave enough to do–like holding them while they got iv’s or taking them to have wisdom teeth removed.  He went to every doctor’s appointment with us!    He’s always been there for his children, no matter what.   Even now that the children are grown and married, he’s the first one there when they need help, a port in their storm.  He would give them the food off his plate, the shirt off his back, or his last dollar, if they needed it, and I think they all know that.

3. Are you afraid of insects? Which ones?  I’m not as afraid as I used to be, but I still don’t like a praying mantis or a flying cock roach!

4. We’re barbecuing…what’s on the grill at your house?  We grill hamburgers and hot dogs most often, followed by chicken, then ribs or a good steak every once in a while!  We use our grill(s) a lot, and hubby is a good cook.

5. Do you believe that playing is more important than winning?  Yes, I do.  I just wish everyone else felt the same way.

6. Do you tan? Use self tanners? Visit tanning salons? See your dermatologist at least once a year?  I have to avoid getting a lot of sun exposure because one of the medications that I have to take makes me sun sensitive.  I use a mild tanning lotion during the summer, and I sit in the shade a lot.  I’ve never seen a dermatologist.

7. Five years ago I would never imagine that today I would be blogging–on a computer!  I used to afraid to go near a computer, but here I am, putting my thoughts on two different blogs–on a computer!  Two years, two  months, and counting…  This post will be the 667th one on this blog.  “MiMi’s Mini Tales” has 440 posts.  That’s a lot of thoughts, memes, and stories!

Random:  OMG!  Brad came by last night, and shared a story that almost gave me a heart attack.  He told me that, on Monday night, while he and Jennifer were talking with the preacher who is performing the wedding ceremony, they discovered a conflict over the use of the church social hall for their rehearsal supper!

Another event isn’t being held that same evening, but some ladies of the church were planning to decorate the social hall that evening for an upcoming baby shower.  The conflict is being taken care of, thank goodness.  I nearly died at the thought that we might not have a place to eat!!!!

Actually, now that I think about it, that sort of happened to us with our other son’s wedding.  The annual church revival was in progress that week, so we had to rent another place to have the rehearsal supper, and then work the rehearsal time around revival time so we’d be out of the church before people began arriving for church!  Aren’t weddings fun?  It’s all about the details…

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Random Pre-Wedding News…

Only eleven more days until the wedding of Brad and Jennifer!  It’s time for an update of what’s been going on.

A few days after I wrote about the “bridesmaid’s dress dilemma” more things happened.  Just to refresh your memory, the bridal store neglected to order my daughter’s bridesmaid dress, after her original choice was returned.  This error wasn’t discovered until about 3 weeks ago–too late to order the dress.  Jennifer decided to substitute the missing dress with a dress of the same style, but  different color, which happened to be available for purchase at the store.  She brought the replacement dress to my daughter, Brandy.

Later, after talking with her aunt, Jennifer decided to talk with “David’s Bridal” again, and ask them to attempt to locate a dress in the appropriate color from another one of their stores–something they should’ve offered to do in the first place!  The store did manage to find a dress like the one that should’ve been ordered.  If you remember from my first post, the dress is the same color, but a little different style because of…well I won’t get into that again. They made Jennifer pay to have the dress shipped from the other store, and told her it should arrive by June 15.  The good news is…the dress arrived one day last week–a few days early!

There is some dieting going on around and about.  Jennifer is currently on the Atkins diet, which means no sugar or carbs.  She wanted to make sure her wedding dress fits properly.  No sugar and no carbs for Jennifer is life-changing!  To say “the girl loves candy” would be an understatement.  I guess Brad is eating some of the diet foods with her, because they both ate a grilled chicken finger salad on Friday night.  Misery loves company, you know.

I’ve been doing the things that I can do ahead of time, in preparation for the rehearsal dinner–and praying for health and stamina to do what I need to do in the days ahead.  I’ve learned how to fold dinner napkins in a fancy way–from the internet!  Is there anything that’s not on YouTube?

All napkins are folded, the stickers have been put on the after dinner mints, the table arrangements are done, several photographs of the couple have been printed and framed for display, and the menu and grocery list have been written.  All that’s left is decorating, grocery shopping, and cooking.

One idea that we came up with, to greatly help me out with the supper, is to have the supper before the rehearsal!  That way, family members can help me get the food set out and ready to serve.  Otherwise, I was going to have to do it all by myself–and I was wondering how can I do all of this by myself…By having the supper first,  I’ll have help, then later I can watch the wedding rehearsal, too!

Ed and I are soon going on a quick get-away, prior to the wedding.  I have mixed feelings about doing this, but after much thought, I decided that we really need some time alone, to unwind and get ready for the whirlwind of activity that lies ahead.  Our anniversary is coming up, just a week before the wedding, and we need to make some time for us.  So…in the midst of all of the wedding preparation sits a packed suitcase!

That’s it for today.  Speaking of a “packed suitcase”,  today I’m riding the  Tuesday Train.  Just click the train for directions, if you’d like to ride along…

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Meet Me On Monday…and The Weekend Wrap-up

In the words of my husband…”another weekend is shot in the butt.”  He has a way with words, don’t you think?  Of course, he’s right, another weekend is gone–which means it’s time for “Meet Me On Monday”!  Here are Java’s questions:

1.  What is your favorite yogurt
I don’t like yogurt–of any flavor!

2.  Ankle or knee socks? and on the same theme, white socks or
Ankle socks!  Speaking of socks, I like “funky-looking” socks.  It’s my way of expressing myself 🙂  Whenever I worked, I had socks for every holiday!  Among my all-time favorite socks were: my cow socks, my multi-striped toe socks, and my Christmas socks, complete with bells that jingled whenever I walked.
3.  How is the weather right now?  The weather here is hot and very dry.  Our average temps have been in the mid 90’s for over a month, with hardly any rain.
4.  Are you a fast typer? NO!  In high school, my maximum speed was around 40 words per minute–but I had very few errors 🙂  These days, I figure my typing speed is probably half of what it used to be–my speed in everything else is that way, too!
5.  Red or White Wine?  Neither one.  I don’t drink any alcoholic beverages (too many folks in my family were alcoholics).

To sum it up:  I’m a slow typist, living in a hot and dry place, who wears funky ankle socks, but doesn’t eat yogurt or drink wine! 

It was a slow, uneventful, weekend around our house.  Hubby officially finished painting our new porch, and it looks so nice and clean…too bad it won’t stay that way!  Every morning, there are no less than six cats sitting on it–waiting for their breakfast!

This weekend, I also finished painting the little terrace on the other side of the house. I can’t really call it a porch, because there is no way to exit or enter it except from outside.  It’s just a little area to sit on, outside of the bedroom, to enjoy watching the birds at the feeder.  It’s also where my favorite cat “Bobs” spends most of her time, sleeping in a chair.

You know, the bad part about painting is–one job leads to another.  When one area is painted, it makes the area next to it look bad–then you feel like you need to paint that, too.  It’s like a song with no end…

The grills around here were working over-time this weekend.  Our daughter’s family grilled ribs at their house, while we grilled chicken at our house(our yards join).  We even grilled a few hotdogs on Sunday for lunch.

We also managed to have some good “family time”, visiting with our children and their families.  We ate watermelon, outside on the porch, about 9 pm on Friday night!  I don’t recommend doing this, especially if you want an uninterrupted night’s sleep!  Some of the family gathered again, outside around the fire pit, on Saturday evening.

Last night when my husband went out to feed the goldfish, he found one of my favorite fish dead and floating in the pond.   I bought the fish at Wal-mart, many years ago, when it was tiny.  As you can see, he grew–a lot!  I’m not sure, but I think he was the last fan tail left in the pond.  I sure hated to lose him.  I don’t know if he died of old age, or from the heat.  High temperatures are tough on goldfish–and we’ve certainly been having our share of those!  In fact, come to think of it, high temperatures are tough on me, too.  Thank goodness for A/C!  Have a great week everyone…

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Six Word Saturday Post…The Photobook

My six words for today are:   Check out the happy couple’s phototbook!

I decided to make Brad and Jennifer an engagement photobook for a wedding gift.  I’m showing you just a few of the pages of the book. 

I made their photobook at “Shutterfly”.  It took hours to decide which photographs to use, and how to arrange them, but I enjoyed doing it.

Jennifer has chosen to have her uncle sing Kenny Chesney’s song “Me and You” at the wedding.  I used the words of that song for the text to go along with their photographs.  I thought it turned out well…

Their wedding will be two weeks from today…the final countdown has begun!

If you would like to join  SWS, just click Cate’s button below for rules and directions on linking up!

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“Love Means You Never Have To Say You’re Sorry”?!

I’ve been watching the reruns of “Oprah” lately.  I record the show during the day, then watch it at night before going to bed.  Imagine my surprise a few days ago, when her show was about the movie “Love Story”!  Now there’s a blast from the past!  Oprah had actress, Ali MacGraw, and actor Ryan O’Neal on as her guests.  I nearly passed out when Ali MacGraw said that she was seventy-one years old!!!  Say it ain’t so!!!  She still wears the same hair style–long, straight, and  parted down the middle!

I remember the movie “Love Story” like it was just yesterday, when in actuality, it came out forty-one years ago–in 1970!  I was still in high school!

I remember buying and reading the book first–and I loved it.  Of course, I cried at the ending, but I loved the book anyway.  Life isn’t always sunshine and roses.

When I finally got to see the movie, I remember thinking that I liked the book so much better.  Of course, Ryan O’Neal was pretty to look at on the “big screen”, and he and Ali MacGraw made such a cute couple!  Imagine my surprise (again) when I heard Ryan O’Neal reveal to Oprah that he and Ali had a “thing” for each other during the filming of the movie!  No wonder there was such a good chemistry between them on-screen!  No acting  was required!

my very old "Love Story" music box

While “Love Story” was still popular, a favorite cousin of mine bought me a “Love Story” music box for Christmas.  Actually, we bought each other the same music box for Christmas, and we planned it that way!  We ordered the music boxes from an ad in a magazine.  I still have my music box, in fact, it’s one of my most treasured “what nots”.  It still turns and plays the theme from “Love Story”.  I’ve always loved that music box!  I think the couple on top sort of resembles what Ed and I used to look like as a young couple–in 1970!  Ah, those were the days…

Besides the fact that (a) Ali is now seventy-one, (b) Ryan O’Neal has had so much plastic surgery that he’s barely recognizable, and (c) the fact that the two of them had a “thing” going on during the making of the movie (while Ali was married)— the other big thing that stuck out in my mind from Oprah’s show, was the famous line from the movie, “Love means, you never have to say you’re sorry.”   Ha! Ha!  I wonder how many young couples actually bought into that idea…Perhaps that would help to explain the rising divorce rate since the seventies!

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Those Beautiful But Pesky Racoons…

Yesterday I visited the blog of one of my newest blog friends.  His name is Walter, and he is the blogging husband of my long-time, blog friend, Linda.  The two are a delightful couple, living– and blogging about– their retirement days.  In fact, the title of Linda’s blog, “Retirement Daze” is what first attracted me to it!

Linda and Walter have been in my thoughts and prayers a lot since “Good Friday” when Linda actually suffered a stroke.  I’m so happy that Linda is back home now, participating in therapy on an out-patient basis.  I am also happy to see that she is beginning to blog again 🙂  I’ve missed her!

Anyway, the subject of Walter’s most recent post is a beautiful, but pesky critter known as a raccoon.  You can read his post, and see a photo of one of his beautiful pests here.    Reading about Walter’s adventures with his pesky raccoons started me thinking about my own “raccoon adventures”.

Many years ago, our family used to spend a lot of time in campgrounds camping.  One of our favorite campgrounds had some very brave, and pesky raccoons as residents.  The resident raccoons would sneak out of the bushes at night, and scour our campsite for food!

I always loved to hang colorful party lights along our trailer awning, and let them burn all night.  It wasn’t uncommon to open the camper door at night, and catch a raccoon or two snooping through our campsite!  When we would catch one in the act of rummaging our campsite, they’d simply turn and look at us with a how dare you disturb me look on their face!

On one particular evening, I remember boiling some chicken parts outside on the camp stove (to feed the critters), then leaving them on the stove to cool.  The next morning, not only was the cooked chicken missing, the entire pot was gone!  We found the pot in some near-by bushes, dragged there(we assume) by some hungry raccoons–who love chicken, by the way!

You may be wondering how I know that raccoons love chicken!  It’s because we used to have some chickens, a very long time ago…and we had a lot of trouble with various “varmints” catching and eating our chickens!  Things had gotten so bad, with various predators raiding our chicken coop at night, that the remaining chickens finally refused to go in the coop to sleep anymore.

Instead, the remaining chickens began sleeping up in a maple tree in the backyard. Before long, “something” began chasing the poor chickens out of the tree in the middle of the night– and eating them.  That “something” turned out to be a three-legged raccoon!  He may have been missing one leg, but it didn’t hinder his chicken catching abilities!

So, yes, I can identify with Walter’s plight with pesky raccoons.  Fortunately, we’ve never had any of them trying to chew into our house–yet!  I hope we can get through life without that particular experience!

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