The Reception…

From the very beginning, the reception part of Jennifer and Brad’s wedding proved to be the most difficult aspect.  The main reason for this being– Jennifer had her  heart set on a reception site located in another town, located twenty-five miles away from the church!

Since both Jennifer’s mother, and maternal grandmother are deceased, reception duties fell onto the shoulders of her 74-year-old paternal grandmother.  Now, mind you, this lady can run circles around me, but still…a reception is a LOT of work!  Once again, we were blessed when several ladies of Jennifer’s church (where her family also attends) came forward and offered to help with the reception!  I felt relief flooding over me, and I know without a doubt that Jennifer’s grandmother did!

I still don’t know who all helped, or who did what, but when we finally arrived at the reception site, the party was already in progress.  The tables were set up and decorated, there was piles of all kinds of delicious food!  Those ladies really outdid themselves!  The cabin was full of people who appeared to be enjoying themselves– then the wedding party arrived and the party really started hopping!

Jennifer wanted music and dancing at their reception–and music and dancing they had!  I even managed to drag hubby onto the dance floor to do “The Twist”!  We hadn’t danced in over thirty years!  You could say we were a bit rusty, but we had fun!  I also discovered that Brad can dance!  I had no idea.  I enjoyed watching the young people doing different types of dances, and even some of the “wee folks” got in on the fun.

Jennifer’s candy buffet seemed to be the “hot spot” of the reception, especially with the younger folks.  It reminded me of vultures descending on their prey…Fortunately, there was plenty for all!  I think some folks actually ended up throwing M&M’s at the couple as they prepared to leave.

At the end of the reception, those same wonderful ladies packed up all of the left-over food, and cleaned up the cabin!  Meanwhile, hubby and I headed back to the church social hall to get it back in order from pre-wedding activities.  The bride and groom headed to Brad’s house, to unpack wedding stuff out of the car, and pack for the honeymoon.  They had a six-hour trip ahead of them, but planned to stop mid-way through.  Brad called at 10 p.m. to say they were finally on their way!

The wedding was beautiful, the reception was fun, and now life begins for Brad and Jennifer–as husband and wife.  Their married life won’t always be candlelight and roses, but then, neither was their courtship.  The two have already endured more crisis during their courtship, than some people experience in a lifetime.  May the two of them handle whatever life throws at them in the future, with dignity and grace–together.

Below is a video of their wedding day…


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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    Mama Bear

  2. Isn’t it amazing how everything worked out so well. I’m praying that their courtship/wedding planning will prepare them for whatever married life brings them. Congratulations to them both!

  3. Wow – who knew Brad had those kinda moves? 😛 It looks like they had a blast. What a fun way to start their lives together. They are such a special couple. 😀

  4. Take a deep breath and relax now!! What a beautiful day and it appears everything came together for this amazing couple and their special day. The little ones were so cute…and the dancing:)

  5. Oh yeah – I forgot to mention how much I LOVE the groom’s cake – Go Dawgs !!! 😛

  6. The reception looks like it was a fun time. Thank you for sharing the video. Love the dancing!

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