They’re Baaack…

My six words for today :  There is life after the honeymoon!

Yes, it’s true.  The newlyweds, Brad and Jennifer, arrived home from their cruise on Thursday afternoon.  We were really glad to see them after five days!  They looked tanned and happy!  Actually, Brad looked a little bit “sun-burned” and happy!  The couple brought back tons of photographs, which they shared with us Thursday evening.

The couple spent one day visiting “Atlantis”.  I’m so glad they managed to get tickets to go!  Two days before the wedding Brad hadn’t been successful in obtaining tickets on-line.  Jennifer wasn’t happy…I feared the marriage was in trouble before it had even begun, because visiting Atlantis was their main reason for booking the cruise!  I’m glad it worked out in the end! 


Jennifer says visiting Atlantis was the “highlight” of their honeymoon–that and the “towel creations” that they found in their cabin each day!  Jennifer was fascinated by them, and took photographs of each one!

  Brad states that the highlight of the honeymoon for him was getting to meet South Carolina Gamecocks coach, Steve Spurrier, on the cruise,–and getting his photograph taken with him twice!  I can actually see the excitement on Brad’s face!  Only Brad would have the guts to strike up a conversation with someone famous…then get him to pose for a photograph twice!

It’s good to have our family all back on the family farm again!  Only it didn’t last, ’cause our oldest son and his family left this morning for a vacation trip to the lake…Next it will be our daughter and her family’s turn to hit the beach for a few days…Fun, fun, fun!   Now that the wedding is behind us, I’m ready for another get-away, myself!

I really enjoyed looking at Brad and Jenn’s awesome photographs!  Seeing those sandy white beaches and all of that sparkling blue water just makes me more determined than ever, to see those sights one day!  I really liked the towel creations, too!  Who knows…a cruise may be in our future one of these days–I’m adding it to my “bucket list” right now! 

**Photos were borrowed from Brad/Jenn’s Facebook page.

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  1. I am a cruiser too so I know they had to love it. We’ve been by Atlantis, but not to it so I am very envious. I’m sure they have many stories and pictures to share and are wondering where the room stewards are to turn down their bed at night and who’s going to cook that dinner?

  2. Kathy, I do hope you make your bucket list! I’ve done everything on mine. Ho-hum.

    My list had Alaska, the Panama Canal, and China for travel. Russia was lurking closely but I could do the kicking without Russia. Well, we did every one of those after I retired. All did involve cruises, the last two on rivers.

    My brother-in-law’s brother was heading up the construction of Atlantis. He and his wife lived there for a couple of years. I know that was hard.

  3. They look so happy. I’m so proud for them. You’ll have to share more pictures sometime. 😀

  4. Life is truly good, and you are blessed!

  5. What a beautiful looking couple. Sounds like they had a super time

  6. Kathy, I have missed you… It was so good to hear from you. Congratulations on your sons marriage and your new grandbaby on the way. Sounds like things have been great for yall. How are you feeling? I never thought I would be someone who would text, but its a great and quick way to stay in touch without having to get online. Try it sometime and I would love to be “your 1st text” LOL. Hope to catch up soon. Love you

  7. Think I’d like to go to Alantis too! Congrats to the beautiful couple!

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