Life Gets Back To Normal…

Today seems like a Monday…on a Tuesday!  My hubby went back to work this morning after having four days off.  He wasn’t overly thrilled.  The good news is–it’s only a four-day week!

The honeymoon is officially over for our “newlyweds”.  I knew this was the case, when the two of them showed up at our house wearing their t-shirts!  Jennifer’s said “Bite Me” on the front of it (shirt was from The Crab Trap), while Brad’s had a bride and groom on the front– with the groom wearing a ball and chain!  Underneath the picture of the bride and groom, it said something like “Game’s Over”!  I got a kick out of those shirts!

Brad went back to work today, after being off for sixteen days.  Jennifer will begin her work week on Wednesday.  Life is getting back to normal…Jennifer plans to do those mundane tasks of getting her social security card, driver’s license, and other things changed over to her new name today.  Why do things have to be so complicated for the woman?  And why does everything cost money?  For now, the two will be living in Brad’s grandmother’s house, where he’s lived for the past four years.  I’m glad they have chosen not to make any hasty decisions about when and where to move.  I can’t lie…I’m also thrilled about keeping the family nearby for a little while longer.

As for me, this week I plan to tackle unpacking three plastic tubs of wedding rehearsal “stuff”.  I’m ready to get those tubs out-of-the-way!  Those tubs have been sitting in hubby’s pool room, collecting dust, for over three months!  Jennifer shared that she is dealing with the same scenario–what to do with the left-over wedding stuff?!

I’m thinking, by the time I get the wedding stuff put away, it won’t be long, and it will be time to drag out the grandbaby stuff again!  I packed away the last of the baby stuff only a few months ago!  I have my own bouncy seat,  baby swing, pack-n-play, high chair, and baby toys.  Since our grandchildren live close by, I like to be prepared for their visits.

I haven’t mentioned it before, due to wedding posts, but one day last week, my hubby’s younger brother fell while working on a construction site.  This accident was complicated by the fact that this brother was working out-of-state.  He seriously broke his ankle, requiring surgery, so our sister-in-law had to fly out to North Carolina where he had been working.  The two of them arrived home yesterday via medical transport.  The new normal for them involves more surgery, and a wheelchair for him for a  while.  Not only is his ankle busted, the knee on his other leg is hurt as well.  His wife is a nurse, so at least he’s in good hands.

Speaking of sickness, our daughter has spent the entire weekend with fever and a sore throat.  If you recall, the week before Brad and Jenn’s wedding, our granddaughter came down with strep throat.  Since then, our oldest son, and now our daughter has gotten sick!  My daughter just called to say that she’s trying to get herself and her daughter a doctor’s appointment for today.  Madison, her daughter, has been up during the night with an earache!  Yes, it sounds like life is about back to normal…

Well, that’s about it for me today.  I think I’ll go tackle some housework…or perhaps I’ll help my daughter get to her appointments.  We’ll see how the day  unfolds…Oh!  I’ll also be joining “Tuesday Train”, too!


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  1. Oh, no. Thank goodness all of this unfortunate stuff was after the wedding and not during. The poor brother… ouch. That is really going to take some recooping. I think you better stay away from your daughter’s house. No kisses for them with that bug going around.

  2. I have been “unconnected” for some time and wondering how you were feeling and how the rehearsal supper and wedding went! Hope to catch up when we are back home and hjopefully reconnected!

  3. I’m sorry to hear about all of the sickness and the accident. Praying that everyone will be back to 100% soon. 🙂

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