Man Vs. Squirrel…

This story begins many years ago when my husband and I bought our first pear tree. That little pear tree didn’t grow much or produce much fruit for the first few years. Eventually, we planted another little pear tree beside it, then both trees began to grow and bear fruit–a lot of fruit!

Over the years, my husband has always looked forward to eating those pears in the fall.  He enjoys picking one fresh off the tree every day, and eating it after work.  I can’t understand this, because these particular pears (Bartlett) are hard, grainy, and don’t have a lot of taste, in my opinion. I’ve made a few pear cobblers over the years, but I always have to use lots of sugar and cinnamon to make the pears have any flavor at all.

This year we’re experiencing a problem that we’ve never encountered before!  A month ago, both pear trees were loaded with fruit…then greedy Mr. Squirrel found them! This particular squirrel comes every day and bites hunks out of at least five or six different pears a day! By the end of each week, the ground underneath the trees is covered with rotting pears.

By last weekend my husband had taken as much of the greedy squirrel as he could. Hubby went inside and got out–are you ready for this–the BB gun! I laughed when I saw that!  My hubby spent every morning of the long holiday weekend sitting outside in a lawn chair trying to chase  greedy Mr. Squirrel away–with a BB gun!  He owns several guns, yet he chose to use a BB gun, ’cause he says he doesn’t want to hurt the squirrel…

Mr. Squirrel came hopping across the tops of the trees each morning, last weekend, with his appetite all ready for pears…only to be greeted by a “wild-looking” man, sitting in a lawn chair, brandishing a BB gun!  (The image of “Elmer Fudd” comes to my mind!)  My husband would then shoot at Mr. Squirrel, and chase him away–only to have the squirrel return that same afternoon or the next morning!

Yesterday morning, as I was walking to my car, I heard a thud. I looked around to find yet another pear on the ground.  Greedy Mr. Squirrel had come back for breakfast! I looked up to try to catch a glimpse of our visitor. I did, and I discovered that he’s quite plump!  His persistence is paying off!

I don’t know who’s going to win this battle for those remaining pears, but at the moment I think Mr. Squirrel has the upper hand!  I recommended to my hubby that he bring out more than a BB gun if he intends to enjoy any pears this fall!  Apparently, hubby isn’t the only one around who thinks those pears are tasty…


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  1. Funny history of the squirrel war, but hubby has my sympathy! Have you tried letting those hard, tasteless pears get really ripe, almost too ripe. We were given some last summer and I let them hang around ( World’s worst procrastinator here. At that real ripe stage (the pears not hubby and I), hubby and I turned into pear fanatics. Wonderful smooth texture, swwet and juicy!

  2. Funny story. Have you tired “Have – A – Heart” Trap. you take the trap and fill it with pears. Once inside, the door closes, and you take the squirrel over to the next country or state (far away anyhow) and let him free. He is moved but not hurt.

  3. Your husband could share war stories with mine about their big game hunting. Terry has waged war on moles at a couple of the house we’ve owned. He would sit in a lawn chair by a mole run with a barbque prongs to try to stab the thing. No, it didn’t work. For a while I think he and the neighbor guy were just chasing them back and forth between the two yards.

    He finally reverted to mole traps and we teased him about having the heads mounted and hung on the wall in the garage.

  4. We have a lot of creatures to contend with here too….sometimes we win, sometimes they win : )

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