Six Word Saturday…July 9

My six words for this week are:  No justice for Caylee this week!

Like many Americans, I  became sucked into the “Casey Anthony trial”.  I didn’t begin watching the actual trial until a couple of weeks after it began, but after I watched that first time, I was hooked until the  end!  If I couldn’t watch it live, I recorded it!  I was so intrigued by the trial, that one day I blogged about it.  Little did I know that the biggest shock was yet to come– the verdict!   I couldn’t believe my ears!

Over the past week, my little blog has received over 1,635 hits from google searches for ” the Casey Anthony trial”.  Apparently, the verdict shocked much of America, as well,  and prompted some of them to do some internet searches.  People are most likely scratching their heads, and trying to figure out how in the world did a verdict like this happen!  I’m still trying to figure that one out myself!!!  Once again, I’ve lost faith in our justice system…

I find it ironic that Casey Anthony will be released from jail nearly three years to the day from when little Caylee was reported missing–and that for Casey, life will go on…  Unfortunately, little Caylee wasn’t so lucky.

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  1. I too struggle to understand why justice seems such a hard thing to find these days. Along with justice I’d like to see true remorse now and then… it also seems to be pretty rare.

  2. I only heard things on the news and never watched it in depth. I was so saddened by the whole thing.

    However, way back then when OJ’s trial was happening I saw so much of it, and I was just flabbergasted when he went free! So I understand the feelings of frustration.

    Life is hard sometimes…and it is hard to understand for sure. I am so glad that we can lean on the Lord and trust Him when we can’t trust man, or those in authority on this earth.

  3. So sad…(Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)

  4. The trial and the case was only mentioned in the UK press at the very end and we got it all at once. We didn’t get the ups and downs of the trial and the twists and turns as it unfolded so we don’t know all of the details as they were portrayed in the courtroom, but even so, the verdict was just outstandingly unbelievable and I can’t see how on earth they got to it.

    Someone somewhere knows what happened to that little girl, and whether we know it or not, justice WILL be done for her.

  5. one day she will meet the judge and while this is very sad I am not the one to judge I shared a post on my blog about this at

  6. Me too! I am so shocked that Tot Mom will walk out a free woman that I am at a loss for words. However, I don’t think life will be easy for her at all. Justice can be blind at times but this will all come back to haunt her at some time in her life. She will get what she deserves in this life or the next.

  7. I’m too far away to hear any of the news on this story but from what I have read I can voice my thoughts on justice and the sheer disbelief that any child’s life can be taken and the perpetrator not be duly punished.

    Children are the innocent ones that we are meant to protect and our justice system (world wide) just sometimes gets it soooo wrong!

  8. I tend to believe that because Casey created a very messed up life for herself previously, she’ll do it again. This is not the last we will hear from her. Like OJ, she won’t change who she is fundamentally. Time will run out for her agian.

  9. Casey will never have a normal life at this point. She will always be watching her back and scared of shadows. Her life is ruined!

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