Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire…

If you watch any television at all, you may have noticed that “lies” have been at the center of more news stories than ever before!  So many politicians, celebrities, and criminals caught up in a web of lies.  It never seems to end!  I find myself wondering, does anybody tell the truth anymore? 

I encountered my first “habitual liar” about thirty-nine years ago.  My husband and I were still newlyweds living in a mobile home park in the city.  Let me just say, you meet all kinds of people in mobile home parks in the city!  The boy’s name was Robert, and he was an older teenager.  Robert told the most bizarre “tales” I’ve ever heard in my life… tales so bizarre that it didn’t take long to figure out he wasn’t telling the truth.  We learned not to believe anything he said, but I always wondered why he lied so much.

Another liar encounter came along many years later–in the form of my daughter’s second serious boyfriend, Richard.  Our first impressions of Richard were good ones.  He was smart, respectful, and an interesting person to be around.  The entire family liked him.  We enjoyed listening to his stories, but sometimes found ourselves thinking “huh”?

Richard and my daughter were in a serious relationship that lasted quite a few months.  We accepted him as a part of our family, and spent a lot of time around him.  We met his family, and liked them.  For a time, it seemed as if Richard might be “the one”.

The couple was deep into the relationship before we began to suspect that some of Richard’s tales may not be the truth.  He was a smooth talker, great excuse maker, and a great story-teller, but I still remember the moment we actually caught him in the first lie.  The lies just continued on from there.

Unfortunately, even after we discovered that Richard wasn’t always being truthful, our daughter continued to remain in the relationship with him for a while.  It was an uneasy time for my hubby and me.   By the time he and our daughter ended their relationship, I didn’t believe much of anything coming out of Richard’s mouth, and I sure didn’t trust him.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was when that relationship came to an end!

Nothing makes me any madder than discovering that I’ve been lied to!  It  goes back to my childhood.  Much of my childhood was less than ideal.  My parents had lots of problems.  I grew up surrounded by lies, some intentional, some not.  Adults with issues tend to lie a lot.  I made myself a promise as I grew up and  prepared to go out on my own–to be different–and I’ve kept that promise.  In fact, those who know me best will tell you, sometimes I can be brutally honest.

What makes a person become  a “habitual liar”?  I’ve always wondered.  Do they start out small, then just get caught up in their web of lies?  How can people keep their lies straight, especially the really elaborate ones?  Do they think it’s easier to live a lie?  It’s so much easier to tell the truth, even if you have to face the consequences.  Why can’t people figure that out?

I guess I’ll never know the answers to my questions.  Even if I asked a liar these questions, I wouldn’t believe what they said!

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  1. Great post Kathy! It does seem to be all we are hearing lately and it is so discouraging. It is like the latest fad. The fact that our own president has been caught in lies (I know he is not the first) is just plain sad. The truth has no agenda!

  2. Great post Kathy! We had that experience with our daughters boyfriend too. He didn´t just lie, he cheated on her too. So we are very glad she ended it with him.
    I love your last sentence! So true!

  3. Great post. Sometimes people lie to stop whatever pain they are in at the moment. I remember having my older sister’s teacher’s ask me “Why can’t you be more like your sister” or “Are you sure your related, your not as smart as her.” I started to tell everyone that I was adopted and since I didn’t look like either parent, they all bought it. It stopped all the comments from adults, who should have know better.

  4. My daughter has just ended (Praise God) a relationship with a habitually dishonest man. I hate to call him a man because I don’t believe a true man would like and cheat people they supposedly care for and were doing nothing but showing him kindness and acceptance.

    Unfortunately, I’m a pretty trusting person. I will typically believe what I am told (unless of course I’m being told by the government) – I hate that going forward, everything will be filtered through this bad experience.

  5. I’ve never understood it either, Miss Kathy. It would be so much easier to just go ahead and tell the truth. If you lie, then you’ve got to remember that lie and cover it up with another lie … and that’s just too much work for my fragile little mind. LOL I’d just as soon tell you the truth, and like you, I can be brutally honest sometimes. I guess that’s just the way my mama raised me. 😀

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