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Recently,  I received an award from my blog friend Kathy at Just Stuff From a Boomer.  I’ve always enjoy reading Kathy’s blog, and I love reading her comments on my blog, as well.  We share a lot of nostalgia between the two of  us!  Here’s the award that Kathy gave me:


A few rules go along with the award, so I’m supposed to tell seven random things about myself, then pass the award on to five bloggers.  Here are my seven random things:

1.  I am always starting projects, then never finishing them.  I tend to get side-tracked easily.  My house is cluttered with “unfinished projects”–embroidery, crochet, scrapbooking…you name it, I have an unfinished project concerning it.  I always have the best intentions when I start, though.

2.  I do not enjoy cooking anymore.  I cooked for years, and never minded it.  These days, I hate it–even baking seems like a chore to me.

3.  I love dolls, and have an extensive collection of Barbie and friends, Ashton-Drake babies, Cabbage Patch Kids,  and Chatty Cathys.  I also have a few porcelin dolls.  My bedroom is sort of crowded.  Many eyes are looking at me…

these are some of my older Barbie dolls, but not all

4.  I used to bake and sell  “character” birthday cakes–like Big Bird, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck.  I also made and sold rag dolls and soft sculpture dolls.  I was a stay-at-home mom, and thats how I made my spending money. 

5.  I love the beach, and wish I could afford a condo there.  If I ever won the lottery, that’s what I’d buy!  I don’t gamble, so fat chance of that ever happening!

6.  I’m terrible at growing houseplants.  I do not have a “green thumb”.  Once I had over twenty different varieties of houseplants (at one time)…and they all died.  Sad but true. 

7.  At one point in my life, about five years ago, I gave a home to  5 dogs, 19 cats, 2 rabbits, a hamster, a parakeet, and two hermit crabs!   I tried to “rescue” every living creature that I came into contact with, and my pet food bill was ridiculous!  Time marches on, and some pets have passed away.  These days we “only” have 2 dogs, 14 cats, 2 rabbits, and the parakeet!  The pet food bill is still ridiculous.

Here are some questions that Kathy added to the end of her post, just for fun:

Do you always sleep on the same side of the bed?  No.  I sleep alone most of time (snoring issues keep us apart), so I rotate from side to side of the bed.

Can the food on your plate touch?  My food can touch, but I’m happier if it doesn’t!  I remember my father-in-law used dip his food into a pile in the center of his plate, and mixed it together– that really bothered me!

Do you shut the bathroom door even when no one is home?  No, and sometimes I don’t shut the door when somebody else is at home.  I sure don’t have any secrets from Ed after nearly 40 years…Trust me, he’s seen it all!

Now for the difficult part…Passing this award on to five fellow bloggers.  I’m going to pass the award on to my two newest blog friends,

Daily Drama With The Dashers

You Never Know With Cindy

My new friends haven’t been blogging very long.  In fact, this may be their first award!    I’m also passing this award on to anybody who stops by my blog today!  Blog friends, if you visit my blog today–then this award is for you!  I appreciate your visits, and would be thrilled if you accept this award, then share it with others.

Have a great weekend!  Forgive me if I’m slack in visiting your blogs for a couple of days.  I’m taking some summer funtime!  I’ll catch up next week! 

Denise and Jennifer

One last thing before I go…exactly one year ago today, our new daughter-in-law, Jennifer’s,  mom passed away.  You may recall that we were getting ready for a  familytrip to the mountains that morning.  That awful morning is forever engrained in all of our memories.   If you could, would you please join me in saying a prayer for Denise’s family today, especially for Jennifer who continues to miss her mom very much.


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  1. Re: #5. Oooh, that’s my dream, too! In fact, we contemplated selling our house here and moving to the beach when we retired,but I just couldn’t stand to be 12+ hours away from the grandkids.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I have to confess, Terry is a snoring machine too, and has moved to the guest room. My daughter, whose food can’t touch, always saves “the best thing” for last and on more than one occassion has been to full to eat it. I have to laugh at her about that.

    I have had t-shirt logos, from places they have been, saved for a t-shirt quilt for each of my daughters for more years than I care to remember. I still have not made the darn quilts. I also have porcelin lady dolls looking at me. Funny how many things we do alike. No pets for me though. That gene skipped me.

  3. Wow – those dolls!!!

    Stopping by from the Friday Hops to say hello.
    Have a great day!

  4. Well no wonder you snore, all those eyes looking at you every night!! Oh My. I am never board because I too have many projects going at once. I love to have soemthing to do, when ever the mood hits me. Thank you for the award, I will grab it! My idea of the perfect get away would be a lake in the mountains, not the beach, but a lot of people love the beach. I’m glad you do.

  5. Thank you for the award Miss Kathy, however, I don’t know what to do to accept it, and I still can’t get my comments to post on anyone’s blog but yours. 😦 I’m getting a little frustrated. 😐 I’ll keep trying to figure it out. Thanks again, and have a fantastic weekend. 😀

    • I’m still trying to figure out how to accept this award and pass it along. LOL I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring it. I’m anxious to do it. Any tips? 😛

      • And I also can’t figure out how to grab someone’s buttons and/or do their memes. (I think that’s what you said they were called.) LOL

  6. Wow! That is quite an impressive doll collection. My mom used to collect raggety anne dolls, and we’d go to all the trade shows 😉


  7. Congrats on the award. Enjoyed reading your list of things. Love your doll collection and I think that the non-cooking mood comes with menopause!

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