Fun Friday Photos…Life In and Around Gooseneck

I have a collection of well-over thirteen thousand photographs on my computer.  Nestled among those wonderful photos of my family, are lots of oddities.  I’m notorious for never deleting any photos!   My mind is totally blank today, as far as writing, so permit me to share a few “fun photos” on this Friday.

Nothing like using a rock for your pillow!  This is a crazy cat, who does crazy things–and I have pictures to prove it!  We have some “odd” pets around Gooseneck, as you will soon see…

Woah!  That’s one big statue of a rooster!  Now, I ask you, wouldn’t you love to have him standing in your front yard?  Bigger is better in Gooseneck!

Some statues so “life-like” these days, they almost look real…Oh, wait!  Part of this fountain statue is real!

Somebody’s not going to be very happy when they look for their flip flops…Never leave the door open to the bathroom, when there’s a toddler in the house!

Speaking of toddlers…I’ll bet he’s wondering who turned out the lights!!!  Perhaps he’s trying to make a “fashion statement”!

How does a set of twins clean themselves up after polishing off a hot-fudge sundae?  Why they wash off in the bird bath, of course!

Sometimes we grow some strange things here in Gooseneck!  Just check out our tomatoes!  And just how does one slice a Gooseneck tomato???

And while I know your mind is probably “in the gutter” after seeing our tomatoes, check out the mushrooms that grow in our yard!!!

See, I told you we have some strange pets around here!  Yes, those are baby opossums–and no, I wasn’t especially thrilled about holding them–but I did, just long enough for a photograph!

That’s about it for today.  I hope you enjoyed a change of pace, and viewing a few of my fun photos!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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  1. Possums! ewewewewew! There is something about a possum that gives me the heebie jeebies.

    I like the fountain photo : )

  2. Thanks for the neat pictures. 😛

    Have a great weekend. 😀

  3. OH What a fun post! Loved the photo of the flip flops!! No sure I wouold ever want to ware them again……. The twins in the fountain…Perfect!!

  4. Better than America’s home videos.
    I need to delete some photos too. They do take up a lot of space. It is wise to copy them to disk occasionally. Remember I lost my hard drive in May. I did have some of mine on disk but not all. I think I lost some of my genealogy research too.
    Mama Bear

  5. I enjoyed every one of those photos. You do have strange vegetation in your yard. What kind of fertilizer are you using?

    Love the messy kids in the birdbath. That looks like good summertime fun.

  6. The flip flops in the toilet really struck me as funny. On occasion I’ve dropped my hair brush in the toilet and I get so mad!!! But seeing someone elses stuff in the toilet, well it’s funny LOL

  7. The baby possums were precious! I admire you for holding them though – the only ones I’ve seen were full grown and mean!

    The statue freaked me out – the little boy looked so real! I thought you had some monster huge cat – then I though maybe it was one of those perspective things, where the cat was nearer to the camera – but then I realized the cat would have to be flying – totally fried my brain!

  8. Were you holding those baby possums recently or that a story best untold?

    I truly hope you don’t leave all those photos on your computer for too long. I know from personal experience how easily they can crash it. Please don’t run the risk of losing them!

  9. Fun pictures. I would love that rooster in my yard. Oh my, those are some interesting veggies!

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