Six Word Saturday…Looking Back

My six words today: This is a weekend of nostalgia.

young newlyweds…in the forties

They got married…67 years ago today.

 I still remember looking at this picture of my parents when I was a child.  I still remember asking “Who is this?”  When mama told me it was her and daddy, I couldn’t believe it!  I could see some resemblance of daddy, but I never could see any resemblance of my mama, to that woman in the photo!  This photo intrigued me way back then, and it still intrigues me today. 

Many years have passed since those childhood days.  Daddy passed away in 1991, not long after reaching his 65th  birthday.  Mama passed away six years later, two months, and a week,  after her 70th birthday.  The stories of both of their deaths are extraordinary, but those are posts for another day. 

My mama passed away on July 31, 1997, the day after what would have been her and daddy’s 53rd wedding anniversary…they had been married 47 years, when the Lord took daddy home.  Mama had no idea what day it was when she passed, but I knew.

my the late 70's

 Here’s a photo of my parents, taken probably around 1979 or possibly 1980.  They had become grandparents twice by the time this photo was taken–once by my brother, once by me.  I remember mama saying they wanted to have their photograph made, so their grandchildren could have a photo of them.  I’m so glad they did.  Little did they know when the photograph was taken, that they would become grandparents two more times!

These days, when I look at that old picture of daddy, I can see bits and pieces of him in my own sons, as well as seeing a bit of his personality shining through in their daily lives.  My daughter resembles my mother, and has many of her personality traits, as well.  In a small way, it’s comforting to think that a part of mama and daddy are still with us.

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  1. That was a very touching story! I am so glad you are able to hold to those positive memories! i hope one day my children will say “my parents would have been married 67 years!” What a blessing to have had each other for so long! I cant tell by reading just this post that family is dear to your heart! Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  2. Happy Anniversary in heaven grandma and granddaddy!

  3. What a beautiful story Kathy. I can see your Mom in the old picture and your Dad’s eyes are the same. You’ll have to share their “courtship” story too. They look so cute together.

  4. Boy it really is a weekend of nostalgia, huh? This post is a sweet rememberance of them.

  5. Very sweet! You will always have your parents with you in your heart!

  6. Lovely and loving look back. The early married photos of my parents, my mother, especially,were easily recognizable to me, probably because my mother was a pioneer in “blow-drying” her hair, letting the natural curl show, And that hair was always the same, never in the fashion of the day, but, I am convinced, always charming.

  7. What a beautiful post. You children will be blessed by the pictures and this post.

  8. I can see some of your father in Brad. 🙂 This photo inspired me to look through some old photos myself. Thanks for the inspiration. 😀

    By the way, I’m back…

  9. How fun. Very recently one of my mother’s bridemaids sent a photo she had from my parents wedding. Even though, like you I’ve been seeing the photo since I was a little girl, it was still so much fun to see it coming from someone else. My mom and dad have been married. 55 years now.

  10. ((HUGS)) I lost my mother in ’82, my father is now 88. I also see so many things in my children that are traits from my parents.

  11. Beautiful post, Kathy…..I was wrong about the date of Mom’s homegoing. I was filling in some information in my genealogy program last night and checked to be sure I had it correct. Our Mothers left us on the same day but years apart. It was July 31st and a Sunday like this year. She died about 3:00 in the afternoon. They called to tell me. I had been with her the week before and had told her goodbye then. Daddy actually died on the 29th but in November. So I had just reversed them.
    I think you look a lot like your Mother. You have the same shape lips.
    Mama Bear

  12. What a sweet post. I think my mom and dad look fairly the same as they did in their wedding pictures…but my grandparents are the same as your parents. My grandpa looks similar and my grandma looks completely different!

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