The Best Things In Life…

our grandchildren, Madison and Caden

For those of you whose children have grown up, flown from the nest, and left you feeling sort of “at odds”, let me assure you that the best things in life are yet to come!  “The best things” come in the form of little people called “grandchildren“!

I don’t often write about our grandchildren on this blog because they are so special they deserve a blog all to themselves–and they have one!  I write about their adventures and accomplishments over at MiMi’s Mini Tales.  However, today I’m going to make an exception, because  I want to address the topic of being a grandparent.

I wanted to be a grandparent from the time our daughter got married in 2001.  By then, our youngest had turned sixteen, and I was already beginning to feel the “empty nest” beginning to come on.  Holidays were sort of boring without children, and I was missing the pitter patter of little feet. 

It was five long years, and three months before my dream of being a grandparent came true!  Finally, in October of 2006, our daughter gave birth to our first grandchild, Madison Elizabeth.  It took over a year of trying, a round of fertility meds,  and over six months of bed rest before get our first little miracle arrived.

By that time, I’d taken a position as a nanny for twin infant girls, belonging to my daughter’s best friend.  I was knee-deep in poop and spit up by the time I officially became a grandma!  I stuck with babysitting the twins for another nine  months, then gave it up to come home and be with “my girls”.  It was where I wanted and needed to be.

Then life got a whole lot more exciting when our oldest son and his wife blessed us with  little grandson, Caden Wesley, two years after our daughter gave birth to Madison.  Wow, suddenly we had the best of both worlds!  But wait–it’s going to get just a little bit better at the end of this coming December, when Caden welcomes a new baby brother!!!

Now, let me tell you, being a grandparent is a lot more fun than being a parent!  Everything is a lot more fun when you aren’t the one in charge!  No more fussing about bedtime, tooth brushing, or homework!  Love it!    It’s fun to shop for little ones because you want to–not because you have to!  It’s fun to love them, then send them home! It’s also fun to experience the world again through their eyes, without having to feel the weight of their responsibility resting on your shoulders.  Who knew it could be like this?

We are blessed to live “a stone’s throw” away from both of our grandchildren.  Our little granddaughter, Madison, lives just across the yard, while little Caden lives a few yards down the road.  When the weeds are mowed down in the field, we can see him playing in his yard.  We can actually see Madison inside of her house–she’s that close.

Our family usually gets together at some point during the week or definitely on the weekends.  Maddie and Cade enjoy meeting up at MiMi and E’s house.  Yes, that’s what they call us.  I chose the name “MiMi”, but the name “E-pa” chose Ed.  It started out as a joke–and it stuck.  “E-pa” eventually got shortened down to just plain “E”(for Ed).  One thing’s for sure, there are no grandpa shirts with “E” on them!

Our granddaughter, Madison, and my husband, Ed, have had a special bond ever since she became a toddler.  Up until that point, she was  “MiMi’s girl”, but eventually I got the shaft!  These days I have to share my man!  Madison refers to E as “her friend”.  She always expects him to drop whatever he’s doing, and play–and he usually does. 

Maddie and E have been inseparable for over three years–except when Ed is wearing his white lab coat from work!  Madison doesn’t like him much when he’s wearing that coat.  I believe she thinks he looks too much like the folks at her pediatrician’s office!

Caden has recently become more attached to E, too, although he seems to prefer the company of Madison to either of us. He loves E’s tools, as well as his tractor, and his lawnmower.  Caden’s been known to hitch a ride on the tractor every time he hears E coming down the road.  He also begs to see E’s tools nearly every time he visits.  Nothing thrills Caden like browsing through E’s tool shed!  Folks, I tell you– the little things mean the most!

In honor of Maddie and E’s special three year friendship, I have put together a little video for them.  So sweet…and kind of funny!

There is life after raising your children–it’s called grandchildren–and it’s simply the best!


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  1. You said it so well. Being a Nana, there is just nothing like it.

  2. Being a grandparent is God’s way of rewarding you for letting your kids live (remember those teen years). That is what we told our kids anyhow. We waited over 8 years after our oldest got married to have our first grandson! It was well worth the wait! So much fun for sure!!!

  3. Precious!!!

    I had to admit – I hadn’t even thought about being a grandparent. I wasn’t something that I been looking forward to and frankly didn’t understand why everyone was so excited about it – but then when I found out my daughter was pregnant with her first child – somewhere a spark lit and all of a sudden – being a grandmother took on a whole new light. I’m loving it – and there is just nothing better than being a grandparent – I can’t believe it took me so long to figure it out 😀

  4. I agree that being a grandparent is our reward for surviving our children. It is also the time we get to see the “curse” of “I hope you have a child just like you.” come to fruition. We have one rule at our house “What happens with Nana and Pa, stays with Nana and Pa.” We don’t rat them out, but I’m sure they tell on us. I love every minute of it.

  5. The video is wonderful. I am so happy for you. (I’m a little jealous too) Our daughter has been married for over 8 years now and still don’t have any plans of having little ones. Our son is older and lives with his girlfriend for years now. They are not ready either yet I know they want children someday. I’m going to be sixty this year. I wanted to be a younger grandmother!
    Enjoy them and you have been blessed by God.

  6. You have captured the joyso well!

  7. Madison will treasure this video for years to come. 😀

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