Whatcha’ Got Cookin’…

I never cooked much before marriage.  My cooking experiences were limited to baking cakes or brownies in those days.  I figured I’d enjoy “the good life” while I could!  I was a smart girl!

My mother’s stove was electric, and I remember that one burner or another was always burning out.  She was forever cooking on a four burner stove, with only two or three burners that worked!

When Ed and I got married, we bought a mobile home that came with a gas stove.  It was a simple little stove, with three pilot lights.  If a pilot light ever blew out, the house would smell like gas–and I was always scared to light the pilot lights!

The brand of my first stove was a “Frolic” by Brown.  Ed’s cousin, Ricky, who played the piano at our wedding, always thought the name of my stove was quite humorous.

The stove brand may have been humorous to some, but I learned how to cook on that stove, and I cooked up a storm on it for over 19 years!  Funny thing about those old gas stoves…they would last forever!  The stove never did wear out, we just remodeled our kitchen, and got all new appliances after nearly twenty years!

My second stove was another gas one, but this one was a dud!  We had trouble with it, almost from day one!  It was made by Tappan.  My mother-in-law bought a similar model, same brand, and had problems with hers as well.

By then, gas stoves had a pilotless ignition.  About half the time our burners wouldn’t light!  Then the burners would smoke up the outside of our pots.  It was always something!  My oven tore up–twice!  It was so expensive to replace the element in the oven, that we ended up buying a new stove the second time that it stopped working.

It’s funny, I can’t remember the brand of my third gas stove, but I loved it very much!  It had different sizes of burners that produced different levels of heat.  The burner on the front left was for frying.  It had a really large flame.  One of the back burners was small, and just right for simmering things.  The other two burners were medium, for general cooking.  I cooked on the stove until we built our new house, and decided to go “total electric”.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to like switching to electric, after 35 years of cooking with gas.

I found my “dream stove” at Lowes.  It was a Samsung, with lots of “bells and whistles”.  It cost more than any stove that I’d ever owned–and it was black!  (I decided to go with black appliances for the new house.)  It had a flat top, and was capable of convection baking, as well as regular baking.  It had an extra burner, for keeping food warm, and a warming drawer in the bottom, too.  So many fun features to play with–then suddenly I developed a dislike for cooking!  Isn’t that the way it goes?! Cooking on an electric stove isn’t the problem…it’s just cooking in general!

Although I love my “dream stove’, these days, it sits idle a lot.  I usually cook a couple of big meals a week, warm up the left-overs a couple of nights, grill one night, then eat out a couple of nights.  It’s hard to pass up “all you can eat” for five dollars on “senior citizen’s night”!  I call this my “retirement schedule”.  I think I like it!  At this rate, that black Samsung stove should last me for a long, long time.

*Let me enter a word of caution here, before I go.  Black appliances are very hard to keep clean!  They show everything!  I had white appliances for thirty-five years, while raising three children, and they stayed cleaner than these black ones do–with no children in the house!  They show every scratch, smear, spill, and fingerprint!  Who knew that two adults could be so messy 🙂

Tammys Two Cents

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  1. Funny … you just switched from gas to electric. I’d love to switch from electric to gas.

    And yes, I know what you mean by black showing everything! Our appliances are black, and they show everything!! But I like how the black looks in our kitchen, so we’ll stick with them. Besides, everything’s just 3 years old. 😉

  2. LOL; great story! We blame everything on the dogs…

  3. Love the story! How funny! I couldn’t cook at all when we got married, good thing hubby was a good cook! I have white appliances and now I’m glad I do. I was thinking of going black next time. We blame the grand kids and dog for any mess we find now!

  4. I’m amazed you can remember the brand of stoves you had. I have no idea. Although, “Frolic” I would remember I think. My mother went to work when I was 14 so I had to cook dinner for her to come home to and for us kids every night. I learned on gas but have had electric most of my adult life. I prefer gas, but I learned to adapt. After cooking for so many years, I would agree that it has lost it’s thrill long ago. My favorite meal is any I don’t have to cook.

  5. You have such a great recall of details.I am in awe and appreciative of your strolls down memory lane!

  6. I thought about how many stovse my mother went through and how she cooked 3 meals a day most days…
    I enjoy cooking and I enjoy trying new recipes, although, Jim doesn’t like being a guinea pig. I haven’ t cooked much except on the weekends for many years now with his traveling and working out of town…that is going to change, I’m sure. So I had a little talk with him about the simplicity of my meals alone and how would he like it if we had leftovers sort of like you do…..he has never been hard to please so it’ll be fine. He doesn’t eat out during the week now, and you wouldn’t believe some of the meals he comes up with on his own. I send leftovers with him whenever I can but he adds things from time to time.
    Mama Bear

  7. It’s a beautiful stove. I don’t cook that well with electric but I’ve never really owned one. Our current house has a gas stove top yet the built in ovens are electric. I have loved the electric ovens. One is convection but I’ve never tried that! I have your same problem, I don’t care to cook anymore.

  8. I have a white stove with a black and white marbley top…it is the best ever! My husbands grandma had a black one and she told me not to buy one…too hard to keep clean like you said.

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