Fun Friday Photos…

I enjoyed sharing some of my “funny photos” with you last Friday, so today I’m going to do it again.  I hope you at least get a smile from some of these…

Did you know that my cat, Bobs, is so smart that she can actualy read???  Well, actually she’s not smart enough to read, but she has a love/hate relationship going on with this particular book!  The book is called “Peter Cottontail”, and it plays the song whenever the book is opened–and sometimes it plays when it’s closed!  Everytime the book plays that annoying electronic music,  Bobs goes wild!  She either claws at the cover of the book, or sits and stares at it!  Strange, but true.

Have you ever dressed your dog up for Halloween?  We have!  This is “Big Buddy”, aka “Gizmo”.  He belonged to my daughter several years ago–and she dressed him up as a clown once–in the pre-children days.  Big Buddy was always a good sport.  He was more well-behaved than most children that I know.  Sadly, Big Buddy became a victim of the “tainted dog food” scam a few years back, and is no longer with us. 

Do you see this little pink, screaming, “bundle of joy”?  She replaced “Big Buddy”.  Life was much quieter living with the dog!  Of course, she is sweet and cuddly some of the time.  Unfortunately, she has her moments–her “Maddie Moments”, her “Jack Attacks” or what her mama usually refers to as  a “meltdown”.  This photo is old.  She’s almost five years old now!

Times have changed, but some things haven’t…Yeah!  She’s having a full-blown meltdown in this picture.  Did I mention that we have seen this face a lot over the past four years?!  Gotta’ love our little Maddie though.  Life just wouldn’t be the same without her!

We figured out at an early age that Maddie loves to eat!  The child lives for breakfast, lunch, and supper.  She’s not quite five yet, and she will already call “dibs” on certain foods in the refrigerator 🙂  In case you haven’t figured it out from the photo–let me tell you–Maddie hates to have her hair combed!  She hated it then, and she hates it now!

One of Maddie’s favorite pastimes is–watching television!  Yeah, we don’t want television to be a waste of time at our house, so we’re bringing her up watching “informative” television shows–like Fox News and  “Glen Beck”!  Oh darn, his show went off the air…I guess we’ll just have to record  some episodes of “Hannity” for her!  We want her view of the world to be “fair and balanced”. 

See this bumper sticker?  A few years back, on our son, Brad’s, 21st birthday, a co-worker played a joke on him, by putting this bumper sticker on Brad’s car…I wonder how many people read it before Brad discovered that it was on his car???  I thought it was sort of funny when I saw it!

Wanna’ know what Brad thought about his bumper sticker?  Just read the pendant that he’s holding, and you’ll know!  Among Brad’s  other many thoughtful birthday gifts was a “grow a girlfriend”.  Sorry I don’t have a photo of her to show you!  He placed her in water and she grew…and grew…and grew.

And this last photo…well, what can I say???   If you never hear from me again after today, it’s because the son in the photo killed me after he found out I put this photo on my blog… It was Christmas 2005, and we were all feeling a bit crazy!  It was just after our oldest son got engaged, and for Christmas we gave his bride-to-be a pair of pink panties that said “bride-to-be” on the front…and for some reason, her hubby-to-be felt compelled to try them on–and he did!

And on that note, I’ll say “have a great weekend, everyone”!  Smile!  It makes people wonder what you’re up to…


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  1. funny indeed and my favs were Bobs reading and the Maddie collection. I have loved seeing . . . and hearing her grow up through your posts.

  2. Love the pets photos, we had a cat that would steal things and we would find them under the couch or in the back of a closet. They are funny! Maddie is sure growing up and I hope your son let you live, but beware, he may start a blog of his own some day….. Revenge

  3. All so funny. Love the bumper sticker!

  4. Love the Maddie pictures and the ones of your sons. You are a brave woman. I don’t even use my daughter’s names, although one has given me permission. We “Enquiring Minds” want to know. Thanks for sharing. (expecially the thong!) I won’t tell.

  5. I love the Bobs picture. 😛

    As far as a new channel, I’ll have to stick with CNN. Fox News is just too one-sided for me. 😐

    I wouldn’t mind this picture-sharing Friday to become a habit. I love your pictures. They always make me smile. 😀

    You have a nice weekend too. 🙂

    • By the way…what ever happened to Not Me Monday? I really miss it. 😛

  6. Kathy, the dog clown reminded me of Eddie on Frasier. Do you ever watch that show?

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