Treasure Hunting…

Every time we visit Fernandina Beach, Ed and I just have to go “treasure hunting”–at their local Goodwill Store!  I’m not a regular “treasure hunter”, but my husband and I love to rummage through that particular store!  It’s a large store, and we just never know what we’re going to find.

I’ve found numerous children’s books for the grandkids, a couple of books for myself, a few toys for the grandkids, and various other odds and ends that I can’t remember at the moment.  We always enjoy looking, even if we don’t buy.   

My “best find”, so far, was a gardening stool with wheels, called a “grasshopper”.  I bought a “like new” one for six dollars and ninety-nine cents!  I knew the stool was a bargain, because I’d just paid forty dollars for a new one, after the wheel fell off my old one.  Thanks to that treasure find,  Ed and I now have matching gardening stools!  When we’re not gardening, our grasshoppers come in handy for lots of other uses, as seen in the photo below…

Drake the cat, enjoying one of our grasshoppers...

With today’s economy being what it is, I’ve noticed that Goodwill Stores have become quite popular.  On our visit to Fernandina Beach in June, Ed and I witnessed some crazy happenings at the Goodwill Store.  

Every time the employees would push a bin full of marked merchandise out on the floor ( from the back of the store)  some of the shoppers would be waiting by the door, to practically ambush the poor employees!  The employees stood no chance among the aggressive shoppers, so they just backed off and let the shoppers dig through the bins of merchandise. 

Ed and I watched the attack of the new merchandise bin happen at least five or six times while we were in the store!  It was survival of the fittest shopping!  Ed and I didn’t feel particularly fit, so we stood by and watched.  I heard some of the employees jokingly refering to the shoppers as “vulchures”–and that’s what they reminded me of, too.

In July, when we accompanied our daughter and her family back to the beach, we all decided to go “treasure hunting” at  The Goodwill Store.  Brandy, our daughter, had broken her sunglasses the day before, and we joked that she might even get lucky and find a pair of sunglasses at Goodwill.

Brandy wasn’t actually looking for them, but believe it or not, she spotted a pair of sunglasses on a top shelf!   The glasses were marked ninety-nine cents!  She looked at them, tried them on, and decided that the price was right–and  the sunglasses looked brand new!

Once outside of the store, Brandy tried out her “new” sunglasses.  She put them on, and immediately said, “Wow!  The view is fantastic looking through these lenses.”  Upon further inspection, Brandy noticed there were  a couple of initials on the side of her new sunglasses–OC! 

It turns out that Brandy had just bought a pair of “like-new”, Oleg Cassini sunglasses for only ninety-nine cents!  We checked on-line, and those sunglasses retail for one hundred and fourteen dollars!  Not a bad “treasure find”.    Now, I think Brandy looks just like Jackie Onassis, what do you think?

Brandy wearing her OC sunglasses...

Brandy’s sunglasses “find”, definitely trumps my grasshopper garden stool.  I can’t wait to see what treasures await us the next time we visit the beach!  I think treasure hunting at Goodwill is a lot more fun than digging in the dirt for shark’s teeth on the beach! 

In the meantime, I’m hopping on board the Tuesday Train for another ride.  If you’d like to join this blog hop, just click on the train for instructions.



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  1. I haven’t been out of town lately but when I do I will have to remember to look for a Goodwill. Ours here doesn’t really ever have much.

  2. I never thought about checking out Goodwill while on vacation. We’ll definitely have to do that on our trip in September! 😉

  3. Great finds from the Goodwill store. I have got to go visit mine – that is awesome. I’m hopping over from the hop and following you (RSS). Have a great day.

  4. Always fun to find a great bargain!

  5. What great finds you come away with! I will have to try to find a Goodwill store around me now to see if I can find some good deals. Great Shopping!!

  6. Glad you found some great finds!!

    thanks for riding the train today, now following so i won’t miss any of the good stuff!
    Jen Greyson | Author

  7. What some great finds !!! 🙂

    • I love Drake’s “resting place”. 😀

  8. What fun! Sounds like your family and mine share some chacteristics, like “treasure hunting”!

  9. Wow! Your daughter did get a great bargain. Now just remind her not to leave them someplace where others could sit on them. That’s what always happened to my mom’s sunglasses so she just gave up buying them, cheapo’s or not!

  10. We’ve become bargain hunters too. You never know what you’ll find.
    Mama Bear

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