We’ve been dealing with a leaky coil on our central air conditioning unit since Fourth of July weekend.  Actually, we’ve been dealing with it much longer than that, but it was then that the problem was actually discovered.  (We’d been wondering for months, why the floor in the hall was beginning to warp!)  After two different visits from repairmen, the company finally decided to order a replacement coil for our unit, which is less than four years old.

In the meantime, the temperatures outside have been reaching around 100 degrees for several days…and, in an effort to stay cool,  I’ve been staying inside with all of the mini blinds closed–about to lose my mind from being shut in!  I’ve also been thinking…I don’t think the air conditioning is working like it used to!   I figured I was hot due to the temperatures outside, and the fact that we cut down a couple of diseased trees and lost a bit of shade in our yard.

On Tuesday morning, bright and early, I was still wearing my pajamas and standing in the bathroom getting ready to dry my hair, when I heard the front door open.  I thought it was our granddaughter coming in for a visit.  It turned out to be the a/c repairman!  No phone call, and I didn’t hear a knock on the door–but suddenly he was standing there in the doorway calling out to me!  Luckily, I had some clothes in the bathroom with me!  Nothing like meeting a strange man in your pj’s!

The repairman soon set about doing his work, while I sat at my computer blogging.  Soon I saw flames from a welding torch, heard the smoke alarm going off numerous times, and watched the repairman go in and out of my house at least 50 times!  Thank goodness it had rained the night before, and cooled the temperatures down a lot outside–’cause it looked like the air would apparently be off for a while. 

Finally, with the house filled with fumes, and the temperature rising, I sought refuge at my daughter’s house.  At that point, the door had been taken completely off the hinges of the closet, and I had two very large air conditioner coils sitting on the front porch!

After a total of three and a half hours, the repair was finished, and I was able to return home.  Wow!  What a pleasant surprise I found upon my return!  After a short time, was actually COOL inside–just like it used to be.  Apparently, we had been low on freon in addition to having the leaky coil!

Our unit is still under warranty for parts, but I shudder to think what the labor cost will be for three and one half hours.  No matter– the closet floor is dry, I’m feeling cool again, and all is well with the world–for the moment!  I’ll be spending the rest of the days of summer just chillin’– at least until I get that repair bill in the mail!

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  1. OH MY He just walked in!! That is when you want a big mean looking dog!! Even if most big dogs are babies, they can still scare off someone who doesn’t know to knock and wait for a responce. I hope you called the company about that. I’m very glad that you have some fresh cooler air but really! What if you had been “Necked”.

  2. These temperatures would tax any AC unit, wouldn’t they? The coolest room in our house is our bedroom, the warmest is the living room. I often have had two additional fans going in there when I am just sitting still.
    Glad you got your unit repaired.
    stay cool
    Mama Bear

  3. My air conditioner went out last week and Ashley and I had to seek refuge at the public library for the afternoon. Luckily, my friend, Stuart, sent one of his repairmen over that evening and he replaced the part and now the AC is working again…well, at least as well as it can. I live in a mobile home in the middle of a field with NO shade, so it gets quite hot in this house. I have to run 3 fans all day long just to keep it breathable in here. Whew!!! I’ll be glad when the temperatures decide to cool down. 😛

    • Glad to hear that your unit is working like it’s supposed to. 😀

  4. I’ll bet you were excited to get that fixed what with the high temps your part of the country has been having.

  5. Glad it’s all fixed! I would most likely be in my PJ’s too! I wonder why he didn’t call?

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