Fun Photo Friday…Vol. 3

Okay, it’s already Friday, and my brain is fried again.  I just can’t think of what I want to write.  I think this calls for another Friday post of “fun photos”.  Let’s hop right in, shall we?  I hope you don’t mind…

Let’s just call this lawn chair the “Gooseneck version” of a trampoline!  I had to take a moment to snap this photo, then I made the grandkids get off–before somebody got hurt–or the chair broke!  I wonder which would’ve happened first…

Hmmm…I’m not quite sure what this “shady-looking” trio of young–and not-so-young–men were up to, but it made an interesting photograph!  I’ll bet the three of them are up to “no good”!

This picture shows granddaughter, Madison, cat fishing!  Bobs the cat used to love chasing those feathers at the end of that little pole.  She’d run, jump, and turn flips–all in an effort to catch those feathers.  These days, not a whole lot of feather chasing goes on around here!  Bobs has gotten fat and lazy…like her mother!

My secret is out, and now you know!  A woman can’t just sit and blog twenty-four hours a day…This MiMi has to take time to rock her babies to sleep!  Judging from the looks of their eyes–they don’t look sleepy to me!  Madison, where are you?  MiMi needs your help!!!

Speaking of Madison, where is she?  There she is–in the photo with her face planted in a clothes hanger!  Why do children do the silly things they do?  Nothing like “framing your face–with a hanger!

Oh, if only he could figure out what’s wrong with this remote…Why, it doesn’t have any buttons on it!  How’s a guy supposed to change the channel without any buttons???  I’ll bet he’s thinking…MiMi, your remote sucks!

Speaking of remotes, what is it about them that babies and toddlers love so much?!  I’ve never met a kid who didn’t love a remote…Have you?

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


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  1. Liked your post, Kathy, I think the three guys are probably singing like the blues brothers..
    Mama Bear

  2. Great pictures, favorite one is Madison and the cat. Maybe she’s thinking abra ca dabra disappear. lol

  3. Hooray – more Friday pictures. I look forward to them. Of course, Bob’s and Madison is my favorite. She caught a “cat”fish. 😛

    As far as the three gentlemen in the picture…I agree with you…they’re up to something. 😀

    Have a good weekend too. 🙂

    • As far as Caden and the remote…have you ever met a man that didn’t like a remote control? I haven’t. LOL 😛

  4. Great photos! I am one of those people who LOVES looking at everyone’s pictures!

    Your three guys reminded me of ZZ Top! LOL

    Breezy still frames her face with hangers. And she’s 26!

  5. I love the doll picture. Can’t wait to have some little granddaughters : ) (Well, I can wait until my girls are married first)

  6. Possession of remote = Power!

  7. Those are great ones. Thanks for sharing them.

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