41 Years Ago Today…

our rings...

On this day, forty-one years ago,  a  young couple, very much in love, went to pick out an engagement ring together.  When I say the couple was young, I mean they were YOUNG!  He was a few weeks away from turning twenty-one, while she was two weeks away from her sixteenth birthday.   Love knows no age limits, and the couple had already known for nearly a year that they were meant to be together.

  She was about to enter her junior year of high school, while he was about to deploy overseas for an eighteen month tour of duty.  Since the couple was about to be separated for quite some time,  they wanted to make their engagement “official” before he left. 

After a while, they found “the perfect set of rings”, and he made the purchase.  In looking back, she thinks that has much more appreciation for those rings today, than she did back then.  She realizes, and appreciates more,  the hard work and sacrifice that he made to buy her those rings–on an army private’s paycheck.  Along with age comes wisdom…

Later that evening, while they were sitting in his car,  he pulled out the engagement ring, slipped it on her finger, and said “I guess you’ll marry me?”  She answered “Yes”!   He gave her the wedding band, still in the box, to hold for safe keeping while he was away. 

Over  twenty-two months later, he slipped the wedding band on her finger, beside the engagement ring that she’d worn for so long.  She said “I will” and the rest is history still in the making…forty-one years later.

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  1. Quite a story.
    Mama Bear

  2. What an amazing story about the rings. I loved it!! So personal and so special. I wonder if wedding rings or engagement rings have the same meaning at all now adays. With so many living together and so many marriages breaking up, I think that the rings have lost there meaning. Thank you for sharing the story.

  3. What a sweet story. It truly made me smile. My daughter and I often talk about relationships and marriage and how important it is to choose the right person. Your story is a story of choosing the right person 🙂

  4. You know I love your love story. I can not say how many of my girlfriends that did the same thing and none of those marriages worked. You and Ed are an inspiration.

    My husband said from our first date, (and he is quoting Michael Corleone from the Godfather here) “He was struck by a thnderbolt.” I think you and Ed were too.

  5. What a sweet, sweet story! I love stories that have happy endings!

  6. Simply put – you guys were just meant to be together. 😀

  7. Aww, so sweet! Thanks for your kind comments for my niece too.

  8. You two are a couple of romantics willing to give and work to keep the romance alive!!

  9. What a beautiful story and definitely a story about true love.

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