Every Picture Tells A Story…

You know, they say “every picture tells a story”–and they are right.  Today I’m sharing a picture from my collection–and  the story that goes along with it.  This is a motor scooter…a very tiny burned motor scooter!

A few years back, our oldest son, Brett, (who was grown at the time) decided that he wanted a motor scooter.  He found one that he liked at a place called Shady Grady’sHa! Ha!  I already know what you’re thinking–because I was thinking the same thing!  He bought the motor scooter–not the one in the picture–but a larger one.  It was black, and looked exactly like a mini motorcycle.  Brett loved his scooter, and he rode the scooter around and about, until one day when it just stopped working!  They don’t call that guy “Shady Grady” for nothing…

Before too long, Brett found another motor scooter on the internet, for a price that seemed to good to be true.  I know what you’re thinking again–and you’re right!  When the scooter (in the photo) arrived, we all laughed hysterically because it was so tiny!  A motor scooter that appeared to be made for a midget!  I so wish I had a picture of Brett actually riding the thing–but I was too busy laughing to  take one!  Picture in your mind a young man over six feet tall riding on a  scooter that looked like it was made for a midget!  Brett almost covered the entire scooter when he sat on it!

Well, my Brett wasn’t going to be outdone, so he rode his tiny motor cycle anyway!  He rode the scooter over to a friend’s house, who happens to live nearby.  I can only imagine the stares that he must have gotten on the way!

I can’t remember exactly what happened, but the jest of the story is…the scooter malfunctioned while the friend was riding it, and  the thing caught on fire!  See that blackened area around the gas tank???  That must’ve been one hot ride!  Fortunately, the two guys got the fire put out, and there weren’t any injuries…just one messed up scooter!

I’d like to say that this incident ended the saga of motor scooters at our house, but it didn’t.  Remember the first black scooter that tore up so quickly?  Well, our youngest son, Brad, really liked it.  He bought a new motor for it, then paid someone to weld the motor on the frame for him.  All was well until Brad got the scooter home, cranked the it up, then discovered it would only travel in one direction– reverse!  (Something about the crank turning the wrong way…but nobody noticed!)   A scooter that won’t travel forward isn’t much good, so the little black scooter eventually ended up at the dump!

In the meantime, Brett sent photographs of the burned motor scooter to the company that he ordered it from, and explained what happened.  The company, in turn, sent him a replacement scooter.  I think he may have had to pay shipping.  In the end, he finally sold the new replacement scooter in an effort to recover some of his money.

However, our motor scooter adventures were not quite over yet!  Youngest son, Brad, was not happy that he had to scrap his motor scooter that would only run backwards!   He went back to Shady Grady’s (believe it or not) and bought himself an orange motor scooter–with red flames on it!

This one turned out to be a good little scooter, and Brad rode it until he eventually moved up to a full-sized motorcycle.  At this time, Brad sold the scooter– to his older brother, Brett, who rode it–until the tire went flat.  Apparently there was a problem finding a tube for the tire, so the scooter sat abandoned under our car shelter for several years…

Well,  guess who eventually fixed the motor scooter and is still ridin’  it today?  My husband!  Man, I just can’t seem to catch a break with these motor scooters!!!  Yep,  Ed’s cruisin’ all around on his orange scooter, with red flames shootin’ down the sides of the gas tank!  At least they’re fake flames, and not  real ones!

I refuse to ride a motorcycle (or scooter) anymore, but as you can see from the above photo, my husband has found two other willing passengers!  Just how many people can fit on a scooter, anyway?  Happy trails…


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  1. Well, you have to admit one thing…the picture at the end of your story is just precious !!! 😛

    Have a great weekend. 😀

  2. Your boys were very determined weren’t they? I remember my dad buying my brother a motorcycle when he was only about 12 years old. He could only ride it in the woods behind our house. It looks like Ed is having “big fun” too.

  3. You told this scooter tale so well!

  4. Boys and their toys!

  5. That’s a great story. I really enjoyed this tale!

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