Our Final Summer Road Trip…part one

After postponing our trip to the beach for a day, due to hurricane Irene, Ed and I finally left on our final “road trip” of the summer early Saturday morning.  The weather was sunny and hot.  We didn’t receive even one drop of rain from Irene as she passed by our way, which is a shame because everything is DRY.

When going on a road trip, Ed and I never drive straight to our destination.  We always make a few stops along the way.  Unfortunately, our first stop on this trip had to be at a Rest Stop– so I could take some Pepto Bismol!  Yes, sadly, my stomach decided to get upset on the morning of the trip! 

We eventually made it to Brunswick where our first stop was Big Lots.  I love this store because I never know what I will find there.  Last year, Ed and I found these really neat folding, reclining chairs with foot rests, at this store.  We’ve really enjoyed sitting in them on the beach for the past two summers, but the salt water has taken its toll on them.  I’ve been looking for some replacements–without any luck, except on-line.

we love our reclining chairs

I was in luck on Friday, when I found a new shipment of these chairs had arrived at Big Lots!  The chairs were sixteen dollars each, same price as last year, while those chairs that I’d found on-line sold for fifty bucks each!  We bought four of those sixteen dollar chairs for future beach use!  I also bought a really pretty fall table arrangement, which I had to “protect” from harm the rest of the entire trip!  This isn’t always an easy task with Ed’s driving 🙂

Our next stop was…The Goodwill Store, of course!  I’ve already shared some of our “treasures” that we’ve found at this particular Goodwill Store, such as those ninety-nine cents Oleg Cassini sunglasses that my daughter found a month ago.  This trip did not disappoint!  My first purchase was a talking rocking horse for our grandson, Cade, for just 19.99!

Cade on the rocking horse

Purchasing a rocking horse, when you are traveling in a PT Cruiser, that’s already loaded with two coolers, a suitcase, two umbrellas, and four beach chairs, can be tricky.  However, Ed is a great stacker and packer. He borrowed some tools from another store customer, and took the horse apart.  After taking the horse apart, he was able to slide it among the other things in our car.

nativity scene

Ed did such a great job arranging the contents of our car, that I was also able to go back in and purchase an outside nativity set for our daughter!  She’s been wanting one of these, and I found a like-new set, still in the boxes!  They may have been used once.  The original price was on the boxes–each box cost 29.99 new.  I got both boxes for $8.98.

My next “find” was a San Francisco Music Box Company  Christmas music box…for 99 cents.  Actually, Ed found the music box, but didn’t realize what it was worth.  He just knows that I love Christmas stuff.  It would sell for between twenty and thirty dollars new–and it was still in the box!

the music box

My final purchases were more toys for the grandchildren.  I love Barbie stuff, and I found a cool Barbie Volkswagen–complete with Ken inside–for 1.99!  It’s so cute, the doors open and close, as well as the trunk!  I also found a little tikes school bus, with the people for the same price.

the toys

Ed and I loaded our purchases in the car, and headed on toward the beach.  Of course, we had to make one more stop along the way–to the Dollar General Store!  You see, I had two of those $5.00 off coupons that were only good for one day, and a good coupon is a terrible thing to waste!  Ed said to me, “I don’t think we have enough room left to put anything.” He didn’t know that I was buying toiletries this week, and could easily stash them under the seats!  Thirty minutes later we left the dollar store with bags of toothpaste, shampoo, and various other small items.

Our final stop before reaching the beach was one of the local parks so we could eat our picnic lunch and restack the contents of our car!  Boy were we were hungry after all of that shopping!  Ed did such a great job of restacking, I was able to stop by Wal-mart on the way home and do a little more shopping!  After all, they were having a toy clearance sale, and Christmas and birthdays are just around the corner!

This is what our car looked like when we finally arrived back at home.  Can you believe my fall table arrangement is nestled safely among all of that stuff? 

I don’t think we could’ve managed another shopping stop on this trip.  It’s probably a good thing  The Goodwill Store was closed when we passed by on Monday!


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  1. You found some really great stuff. And, I compliment Mr. Ed on his packing skills. He’s a man of many talents. I’m glad you had a nice trip and were able to get a little shopping done. 🙂

    • Can’t wait to see the fall arrangement. 🙂

  2. The trip looks like a success. Big Lots is Terry’s favorite store too. I don’t have either that or a Goodwill near me. I like GW for picture frames I can spray paint and other things I can repurpose. It’s always an adventure.

  3. I’m impressed, you found so many wonderful things. I am even more impressed that your husband actually went with you!!! Mine would never have that patience.

  4. Glad you were able to get to the beach after all!

    We never stop on our way to the beach … we’re always in such a hurry to get there. 😉 Of course, the nearest beach is a 13+ hour drive, so if we stopped, it would take even longer!

  5. You are so lucky that Ed has the patience to stop and shop on the way somewhere….riding down the road, I see all sorts of interesting places I’d like to stop at, usually junk/antique stores with stuff sitting outside. I’m a thrift store shopper too.
    Mama Bear

  6. Since you are a shopping queen, you are lucky Ed is the stacking and packing king!

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