Final Road Trip (Part Two)…Bar-b-que On The Beach

Once Ed and I MADE our way down to the beach (last weekend), we saw cars–lots and lots of cars!  Then we saw a sign that said “Amelia Island’s Great Southern Tailgate Cook-off”.  We had stumbled into the middle of a two-day bar-b-que event!  Pure heaven…

The wonderful aroma of bar-b-que filled the air.  I’m telling you, some of these guys had some serious grills!  Just look at the size of those babies…

Apparently, the contest had begun on Friday afternoon, and was winding down by the time we got there.  If we hadn’t postponed our trip a day, due to hurricane Irene, we would’ve been there for the entire event! ( I’m actually sort of surprised that they didn’t postpone the cook-off.)

The cook-off was held on a large grassy area adjacent to the ocean.  What a wonderful environment to spend the day in!  Our hotel was located adjacent to the grassy area, so we could just walk to the activities.  This was a huge “plus” because there was no place else to park!  In addition to the food booths, there were also a few vendors and live music.

We enjoyed walking around the booths, and looking at the team names.  I got a good laugh out of  the “U Rub Me Raw” team name!  Whoever came up with their team name deserves a prize!

Billy Bob must be a pretty good cook–judging from the size of his trophies!  You can’t see them from this angle, but all of the people hanging out under that tent were sort of “plump”.  I’m thoroughly convinced that old Billy Bob really knows his BBQ!

I was amused when I saw “The Bar-b-que Bus”!  What a neat idea for an old school bus!  They had the grill on the back of the bus, while they served the food out of the bus windows.

I love a good band, and a country music band was playing on stage while we were there. Later I found out that a total of six bands played over the two-day event!  I would’ve loved to have been there for all of that!  I did get to hear a bit of the final band–a soul band.  They were blasting all up and down the entire beach area! 

Believe it or not, Ed and I didn’t eat a thing the entire time we were at the cook-off! We’d just eaten lunch when we got there, and we already had plans for supper at the “Sandy Bottom”. It seemed a shame to be surrounded by all those great cooks, yet not sample any of their bar-b-que!  I’m going to keep this annual event in mind for next year–and if we go back,  I will definitely sample some of  that “award-winning” bar-b-que!

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  1. I can’t believe you didn’t eat anything!! I would have been crazy! Stopping in to Follow you on Friday – hope you can visit and return the favor soon!

  2. I love pig roasts. We have 2 in my little town. One in the spring and one in the fall. The air for miles around smells wonderful. Some of those cookers are amazing. I’ve seen them in all kinds of shapes.

  3. I would have found it hard not to sample some of those!

  4. We love to eat fresh seafood when we go to the beach, but it would have been so hard to have passed up BBQ with the smells right there! Just reading about it is making my mouth water! ha!

  5. I bet it was fun to walk around and see all the BBQ sights. I have NO idea how you could handle those smells without having to sample. LOL Was it something like our Sweet Onion Festival? You’ll have to keep it marked down and maybe catch the whole thing next year. 🙂

    Take care and have a nice weekend. 🙂

  6. Now this sounds like fun. I’d love to be a bbq judge : )

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