Funny Photo Friday…

It’s time for another “Funny Photo Friday”.  I hope you don’t mind.  Today’s photos all have a common theme–Christmas!  It’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit, you know.

dueling flashlights

 One Christmas, Ed and our son-in-law, Clint, both got lights for Christmas.  The two of them had a great time comparing their lights!  Does a larger light make you the bigger man?  The two had fun comparing “their beams”.

expensive toilet seat
I’ve written about this toilet seat before, but for those of you who may have missed it–this is one expensive toilet seat!  At the time I found it on eBay, I was decorating our “Coke-themed” game house, around Christmas of 2004.  I saw this hand painted Coke toilet seat, and I had to have it!  As often happens on eBay, I got into a bidding frenzy.  Sixty-nine dollars later, the seat was mine!  After paying that much for a toilet seat, I wasn’t about to let anyone’s behind sit on it!  It now hangs on the wall over the toilet–my reminder to always set a bidding limit!
say what???

This photo was taken of our granddaughter, Madison, during her first Christmas.  I look at it and laugh, because she looks like she’s had one drink too many!  She may have been wondering what in the world is wrong with these crazy people…as we put a silly Santa hat on her, and tried to make her smile!

So, how do you open your gifts?

 We like to have fun at our house on Christmas!  No boring holidays around here!  Once upon a time, we put on oven mitts, crazy hats, and opened our gifts while some crazy song played in the background.  When the music stopped, we had to pass the gift to the next person.  Whoever unwrapped the gift while the music was still playing,  got to keep it.  I think the gift turned out to be a farting Santa! 

Hey, look what I got!

 The crazy thing about opening gifts at our house is…you never know what may be inside of the box!  It could be a lovely “after dinner roll” like the one Clint is showing off.  Did I mention that Clint was the recipient of the farting Santa, too?  Or it could be…

"Big Drawers"

 a very large pair of pastel pink ladies panties that Ed’s daddy found at the dumpster one day, many years ago!  He thought they were “interesting” so he brought them home to show his wife!  We rewashed them, and began the family tradition of “passing the panties”.  Every Christmas, for over twenty-five years, someone gets the “Big Drawers” for a gift!  The lucky recipient keeps the panties for an entire year, then writes a note, attaches it to the top of the box (along with the rest of the notes from previous recipients), then passes the panties on to some unsuspecting person.  Jennifer is the owner of the panties for this year.  I wonder who the next lucky person will be???  I’ll be sure to let you know– after Christmas!



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  1. Love the games. That pot holder one would be good at showers too. You’re right, that is one expensive toilet seat. I wouldn’t want it sat on either. There’s nothing better than a family able to laugh at and with each other.

  2. Fun times. I love the oven mitt idea. My husband loves to buy the boys flashlights. Those are awesome ones they got! Have a nice weekend.

  3. I love the toilet seat and the roll!! Stop by for a visit when you get a chance!!

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