The Saga Of Gooseneck’s Own “Pepe Le Pew”…

This saga began several months ago when my son’s family discovered a skunk on their back porch one evening.  It appeared that old Pepe Le Pew had invited himself to partake of the left-over cat food in their cat’s dish!  This was quite a shocker, especially since skunks aren’t often seen in our area.  In fact, in all of my fifty-something years I’ve only seen one skunk, and he was in the middle of the road–dead!

Throughout my lifetime I’ve heard some terrible tales about skunks though.  My parents used to call skunks, “pole cats”!  When I was a child, I thought they were talking about cats who climbed poles… I’m still scratching my head over that one! I’d heard about how awful skunks smell, and how difficult it is to get rid of their odor.  I  never wanted to come within a mile of a “pole cat”!

So, you can imagine my horror when our son, Brett, told us that a skunk had been seen on his back porch!  I had all sorts of awful visions floating through my head.  I could just imagine that skunk getting under their house, then doing the unthinkable!  I imagined them having to move out of their home due to the horrible smell…

For a while, nothing happened, then one night Gooseneck’s new resident skunk traveled a few yards northward, to pay our other son a visit at his house!  Something must have spooked Pepe during this visit, because he left a lot his tell-tale scent outside of Brad’s house!  It was hard to even breathe the air under the car port, and the odor permiated the house as well.  The tales I’d heard were correct.  A skunk stinks!  Nothing takes care of the smell but time…and masking it with candles, wallflowers, etc.

Another evening old Pepe decided to make a turn to the west and visit our daughter’s yard, next door to us.  This is not a good thing because we have two dogs.  That darn skunk ended up leaving more of his tell-tale odor behind, in the area of her carport,  but nothing like the smell he left at Brad’s house.  Brandy said her van smelled like a skunk!  Our poor dogs carried some of his scent on their fur, as well.

One morning my husband actually saw the skunk rambling through the grass beside the dirt road that leads from our house to Brett’s house!  Now it appeared that old Pepe was getting braver and actually coming out during the daytime!  He didn’t seem in any hurry, nor did he appear frightened, but this mistake would come back to haunt him…

About two weekends ago, just before daybreak, Pepe’ paid our daughter another visit, and apparently was startled again by the dogs. This time he sprayed his scent near the outside air conditioning unit!  The smell immediately traveled straight into Brandy’s house!  For several days following this incident,  Brandy’s family had to live with the odor of Pepe’s special scent permiating through their house.  This getting to be a regular thing!

We finally caught a break this past Friday morning!   Brandy’s husband, Clint, works four-day weeks, so he was taking Madison to school for Brandy.  Guess who was in the grass beside the road again?!  Old Pepe was enjoying another early morning stroll in the grass.  When I heard this bit of news, guess who suggested that we needed to put an end to our problem, once and for all?!  (I’m an animal lover, but not a skunk lover!)  I figured it was only a matter of time before Pepe Le Pew made it over to our house, anyway!

Fortunately,  son-in-law, Clint,  was in agreement with my idea, and was more than happy to “take care of” Mr. Le Pew!  (Believe it or not, some in our family were upset with me for wishing ill fate on old Pepe.)  To them I say this:  you should have smelled the odor that surrounded him, even after he was dead!

Clint was trying to let the odor fade, so we could get close enough to give old Pepe’ a proper burial.  Alas, it was not to be.  Within four hours of Pepe’s demise, the buzzards descended and began carrying him away–piece by piece!  His smell summoned the buzxards immediately– THAT’S how bad he smelled!    By the end of the day, nothing was left of Pepe’ except his lingering aroma…Which reminds me of this crazy song from many years ago…You know, there’s a song for every occasion!

Rest in peace, Pepe.  I sure hope you didn’t leave any vengeful relatives behind!

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  1. Any time I read/hear about skunks, that song comes immediately to my mind! 😉

    There must be a family of skunks who used to live in the empty lots not too far from our house because we’d smell skunk almost every evening. ewwwwwww So I won’t judge you for wishing an early demise for Pepe. 😉

  2. There is nothing worse than skunk stink! Growng up we had a Boxer that would chase skinks under my parents house. The oder would wake us up in the middle of the night. After one horrific night, my brother went to school the next morning, heard kids saying”something smells like skunk in here”, so when the bell rang for classes to change, he went right out the door, got in his car and went home. It was so bad it had gotten into his clothes.

    Hope your problem is gone for good now.

  3. We are very familiar with that aroma and the dog we had prior to this one was sprayed. I can still conjure up the smell in my head when I think about it.

    Just fyi-our vet told us to wash our dog in dish soap then the tomato juice. The spray is oil based so you have to cut the oil. It helped a little but in the end I think you have to just let it wear off. Also, skunks are big carriers of rabies so always good to be cautious around them.

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