Just A Few Random Things…

The first thing on my mind this morning is…where have all the bloggers gone?  For several days now, my blog reader window has been virtually empty.  It appears that a lot of people have stopped writing.  They’ve stopped visiting, too.  I noticed a change about three weeks ago.  Could school starting back have anything to do with it?  Or the cooler weather?  I’m just wondering…

Speaking of cooler weather–we had a glorious week here last week.  The mornings and evenings were cool, but the middle of the day warmed up nicely.  I even opened a few windows. 

Then late Friday afternoon the “unthinkable” happened…I noticed a message flashing on our thermostat!  It read  system malfunction–call service technician.   My heart sank.  You may recall, we’ve paid nearly five hundred dollars in repair bills this summer–and our unit is less than 4 years old.  Anyway, the unit seemed to be working fine, so Ed said to wait until Monday to call the technician.

The weekend progressed along, the unit kept cooling, but at times it seemed to take short breaks….then on Sunday afternoon the unit stopped working–on the warmest day we’d had all week!  I was not a happy lady!  I insisted that Ed call the technician immediately.  I don’t do well without A/C.  He did call at about 4:30, but we never got a call back.  We raised the windows, cranked up the fans, and made it through the night.  I called the company at 8:31 Monday morning!  Within 25 minutes the technician was at my house, within 10 minutes, we had A/C again.  Yay!  Apparently a “start-up” capacitor had gone bad this time…I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of yet another repair bill–NOT! 

I finally managed to get all photos and movies copied onto disks!  Yay!  It took five entire days to accomplish this task.  My eyes and my behind were worn out by then, but I felt a sense of accomplishment.  I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all those little movie clips of the grandchildren as babies!  They are growing up entirely too fast.

I’ve neglected to mention my run of “good luck” lately.  I’ve won three–yes, three, blog giveaways in the past six weeks!  First, I won a binder of coupons from Lorie at The Midwife Housewife, then I won a $25.00 gift card from Thena at Patiently Waiting,  and this past weekend I won a mystery gift from Doreen at They Say Everyone Has A Story!  I’m honored and thrilled to have been chosen as the winner–three times!  Wow, I usually never win anything!  Thanks so much, ladies!

I took the day off yesterday and went shopping with my daughter and granddaughter.  It was time to buy school shoes for Madison.  I just went along for the ride, but enjoyed watching Madison look for “just the right shoes”.  She’s getting so big!  Thank goodness, she’s still young enough that she hasn’t formed too much of an opinion about what she wears–yet.  I know from experience, that day will come!

Speaking of Madison, she LOVES school.  Her teacher says she gets so excited over things.  Wouldn’t it be great if she could stay that way for the next 14 years?!  On Tuesdays, I try to help out by picking her up at lunch.  It gives Brandy a bit of a break, because she has to take Madison to dance on Tuesdays, too. 

That’s about all the randomness I can manage today.  Time is quickly passing, so I’d better get up and get going–but I’ll be back tomorrow!


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  1. Speaking of giveaways, Pioneer Woman is giving away an IPAD today. Go ahead your on a roll. That’s how it always works for me. I win 2 or 3 close together and then none at all for a while.

  2. I think it comes in waves and definitely people get very busy with the start of school and write less. They seem to come back eventually. Plus, end of summer…one season winds down before another is fully in gear.

    We’ve been on the go so much I’m not blogging as often as I like. I have some things I’d like to write about but haven’t really had the thinking time they require so lately I’ve been all about the updates. Hoping I can get back on track soon!

  3. good morning, Kathy
    I guess I’m one of the guilty ones. I just seemed to be so busy the last two weeks or I wasn’t in the mood when I had time. Maybe that is about to change. I need to be on a walk but here I am writing a comment to you. I like this post. Its nice to catch up on what is going on in your world. We should all do a general post like this once a week…its kind of like the Fave Five post that Barbara H does.
    Wow, you did great!
    Sorry about your AC…ours was off last night and I noticed how warm it was so checked the breaker and it had tripped, don’t know why.
    I looked at the video about the building of your house last week, can’t remember if I commented but I enjoyed it.
    I hope the rest of your week is a good one.
    Mama Bear

  4. I’ve noticed there seem to be fewer posts to read and am getting less traffic…must be school…
    Have a great week and thank you for the mention!
    By the way my book is available for a short time…see website and please spread the word for me!!!

  5. I’ve noticed the decreased blog posts in my reader, too … as well as a decreased number of comments on my blog. Between school starting and summer’s last hurrah, I guess everyone’s busy these days.

    You all are definitely not having much luck with repairs this summer, are you? 😦 Hopefully this repair won’t be too expensive.

    I’ll bet you look forward to picking up Madison on Tuesdays.

    Lucky you on the give-aways! I’ve won a couple of blog give-aways … and it was so much fun!

    Hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday!

  6. I”m here and planning on staying awhile. I hate repair problems on things that are reatively new like your air conditioner. It’s just wrong that things ar built to wear out. That’s too much $$ for a 4 year old product.

    I rarely win anything but I just won a give a way too. I was thrilled.Maybe it’s in our name. 🙂

    Hang in there, I’m with you.

  7. I am definitely missing in action every now and then lately. My therapy and recovery post-stroke are going well, but the computer seems to tire me out more lately and sort of intimidate me! Still love to catch up, even if I don’t always comment!

  8. I would think it’s because of school! So glad your air got fixed, what a pain in the butt. Congrats on the winnings. I just won one! Glad Madison is loving school.

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