Fun Friday Photos…Volume 5

Today is grocery shopping day.  I think it’s another good day for some funny photos.  Today all of my photographs are of children.  Children really do make the most interesting subjects, don’t they?  Whatever they are doing in the photo, usually makes me smile.


This is our grandson, Caden, when he was a baby.  He loved to look at himself in this mirror, and he loved banging on the instruments!  This lighted, musical stage was one of his favorite baby toys, and he spent several happy hours in front of it..  I love this photo because Caden’s watching me in the mirror while I’m taking his picture.

"Desperate training"

This little cutie is one of the twins that I used to keep.  She loved dressing up!  I’ve never seen a toddler who loved dressing up like Jayla did.  She loved shoes the most!  Jayla’s mom had a box of children’s shoes that someone had given her.  The shoes were of various sizes.  Jayla loved clomping around the house in all kinds of shoes! 

One day I saw Jayla wearing this feather boa, and she appeared to be vacuuming with the ball popper.  I just had to snap a photo!  It’s hard to believe that little Jayla is now a first grader!

"Walk a mile in daddy's shoes"

This little cutie is Jayla’s twin sister, believe it or not!  They don’t even look like sisters, much less twins!  Anyway, Mackenzie shared her sister’s love of shoes.  On this particular day, she was sportin’ her daddy’s boots.  Mackenzie was always a “daddy’s girl”, while Jayla was definitely a “mama’s girl”.

"this project is boring"

This little sweetie pie was a student in one of our first grade classes.  It’s common for little ones to become tired after lunch, but they don’t usually fall asleep during a “fun” project.  She looked so precious, I just had to snap a photo–and then I had to wake her up.  She was making a ladybug, by the way.

"Gimme some!"

This is a picture of our little granddaughter, Madison.  Can you tell from this photo that she liked her first taste of ice cream???  Madison has always been a good eater.  She isn’t picky like a lot of children.  As she grows older, her tastes are changing, but she’s still a good eater. 

One of her favorite things to eat is tuna, which she calls, “cuna”.  I love to hear her say, “I want some “cuna”!   Another favorite is Kit Kat bars.  She calls those, “Kitty cats”.

We’ve made it through another week!  Another hot, dry week.    We’re supposed to have a cooler weekend, which will be nice for outdoor activities.  By cooler, I mean highs in the mid seventies.  It’s been in the nineties all week!    I hope you all have a great Friday, and a great weekend.


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  1. You do such a great job of making and saving memories. Thanks for shating these cuties!

  2. I love the little one asleep at her desk. Have a nice weekend. It is 51 here this morning and supposed to go down into the 40’s tomorrow. Time to fire up the outdoor firepit!

  3. These are awesome pictures you shared. How cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Love Jayla and the boa. That’s my kinda girl. Plus the little one asleep at her art project. I have felt that way at work some days. I hate grocery day. How many times do we have to handle those cans?

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