The Weekend Wrap Up…

Man, those weekends sure go fast, don’t they?  I always thought they went fast when I worked, but they go equally fast even now that I’m retired.

The cooler weather was awesome, but there wasn’t any sun!  The entire weekend was cloudy and gray, which made the weekend seem dismal.  I kept hoping it would rain, but it didn’t.  What a shame!

We spent Saturday puttering around the house.  Ed in the yard, me in the house.  He worked on things like moving dirt and trash piles, while  I worked on de-cluttering my kitchen counters.  I’m notorious for letting stuff pile up.  I also put the new fall table-cloth on the table, along with the table runner and my new fall table arrangement.  The kitchen is officially decorated for fall.  Ed officially moved his pile of trash from one spot to another!  He’s notorious for letting stuff pile up, too!

Saturday afternoon both of our boys came down for a visit.  One of their wives was working, while the other wife was shopping.  It’s always interesting, and usually funny, when those two boys get together!  Actually, they are both grown men now, but they will always be boys to me.  They watched a little football, and ate some pizza with us.  Have I mentioned how much I hate football???  Of course, I was outnumbered 3 to 1, so football it was!  Blah.  At least I was in good company!

On Sunday, Ed and I rode to the city with our daughter and her family.  Brandy had some things that needed to be returned, and Madison needed a few things for school.  Oh my goodness!  Trying to find clothing to fit Madison is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!  It’s nearly impossible to find anything to fit the child!  Madison is not fat, but she’s not a string bean either!   After several stores, several hours, and trying on many outfits, Madison ended up with four outfits for school!  We were all pooped!  I found out exactly how out of shape I am!

We ended our day with a stop at one my favorite places, The Cracker Barrel.  Since it was Sunday, we ordered their homestyle fried chicken.  Delicious!  How appropriate– The Zac Brown Band was playing “Chicken Fried” in the background…Hmmmm…Fried chicken and pizza…and now I know exactly why I’m out of shape!

Have a great Monday!  As for me…I think I need to go out and get some exercise!


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  1. You’ll have to post a picture of your fall arrangement. I’ve been dying to see it ever since you talked about getting it. I’ve yet to figure out how you and Mr. Ed packed the PT Cruiser so full without squashing it. Post a picture sometime. I’m sure it’s pretty. And, you’ll have to post a picture of your fall tree as well. I always love the pictures of how you decorate. You should’ve been an Interior Designer. I hope you and Mr.Ed have a great week. 😀

    • As you know, I haven’t been online very much lately, so I just caught up on your posts. Whatever it is that Brad is trying to work through – he is in my prayers. 🙂

      And, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful card. I’ll send you an e-mail updating you on the latest. You know the saying, “If it wasn’t for bad luck…” 😦

      Oh yeah, and did I mention how much I LOVE football? 😛 I’m actually sitting here watching Sunday Night Football (Falcons vs Eagles) as I type this. Teehee!!! 😀

    • Hey! It’s good to hear from you again! I was getting worried! Okay, I’ll post some pics of the arrangement and my treetomorrow :) You’ll probablybe disappointed. LOL Hope all is well with you! You have a great week, too.

  2. Sympathies on the clothes shopping. My granddaughter in Louisiana is also difficult to fit. She has broad shoulders and rib cage. Her mother is a great shopper, following in the steps of HER mother. She buys a lot of Molly Kate’s clothes on line through home crafters she has established a relationship with through Etzy or something like that. So she gets outfits made to order at amazing prices. MKs other grandmother, me, is an out of shape shopper, too. Or maybe its just that I don’t like to shop! Have a great week with some beautiful days!

    • Linda, I’m glad that you wrote this comment, because Brandy and I were just saying we may need to resort to sewing! I’d forgotten about Etsy! It’s something we may have tolook into. I can handle alterations, but I’d probably make a mess of sewing from scratch. LOL All of the little girl styles are so “trashy” looking once you get out of size 6X.They’re also made to fit a very tall and slender child, which Madison isn’t.

      All of that walking the mall has my legs sore today! I guess the shopping did my body good! Perhaps it off-setsome ofthose fried chicken calories. LOLHave a great week.

  3. Sounds like you had a blast for the weekend even if it did contain shopping for a little one. I know how hard that is. When Our son was small he was very underweight and clothes just didn’t fit right, ever! Now that was 37 years ago and now he has no problem so just give it time. This too shall pass.

  4. Sounds like a good weekend with “the boys” visiting. We were watching college football. We bleed mazie and blue for the University of Michigan, alumni of many family members. But, after that, he watches and I read.

    I am trying to get in the fall spirit. It was only 80is this weekend and the same the rest of the week. I need to go to Michaels and buy some fall color I guess. I, too, would love to see what you did to decorate.

  5. Sounds like a good weekend. I haven’t pulled out any of my Fall decorations yet. Sounds like fun with the boys!
    Just love when my kids get together, it’s like they were 10 again. Sounds like the shopping was exhausting but glad you found a few outfits for her.

  6. I put mums on the front porch but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I need to stay put for a few days! Cracker Barrel-yum! Good thing there isn’t one nearby : )

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