Seven Things I Learned On A Recent Trip To The Mall…

Number 1 –  The mall seemed a LOT bigger than I remembered it!  Thank goodness I wore my favorite old Crocs shoes because I would’ve had some SERIOUS foot issues, otherwise!  As it was, my back hurt, and my legs were sore–but my feet did not hurt.  Thank you, Crocs!

Number 2 –  People, in general, are a lot fatter than they used to be.  Seriously, I’ve never seen so much “belly fat” in my life!  I  have my fair share of belly fat, but it’s taken me three pregnancies and 57 years to gain it.  These were young folks!  There’s just something about seeing a young woman (or man)  already saddled with “belly fat” while they are still in their prime.  Some appeared to be skinny everywhere else, but fat around the middle.  What’s up with that?  And before you say it…they weren’t pregnant!

Number 3 – Apparently people in the south just hate to put away their summer clothing!  In spite of the fact that it was sixty-something degrees outside, and inside the mall (really, it was cold inside, too!), people were still dressed in spaghetti straps, shorts, and flip-flops!  B-r-r-r-r. 

Number 4 –  All  girl’s clothing, sizes 7 and up,  is designed for very tall, slender children–who like to dress like teenagers…very sleazy teenagers!  What ever happened to “pretty plus” sizes and  the sweet, innocent look? 

Number 5 – It now costs three dollars to ride the carousel at the mall!  Oh my goodness!  There is also a train that rides a short distance around part of the mall.  It’s three dollars to ride the train, too.  Heaven help those who are blessed with more than one child…they can spend a small fortune on mall rides.

Number 6 – Belk, the department store, apparently allows men to work in the cosmetic department these days.  Not only that, but “said men” are allowed to wear full makeup while working there–as in foundation, powder, and complete eye makeup!  Imagine our surprise when this really cute guy offered to help us… while wearing some absolutely gorgeous blue eyes shadow!  Oh the times they are a changing…( and not for the better, I’m afraid).

Number 7 – Last, but not least, on the way home we encountered a small group of motorcyclists who called themselves “The Residential Riders”.  Their behavior on bikes was atrocious!  One guy was actually up on his knees while riding his bike down the highway.  At the stop light, the riders in back kept ramming the bikes in front of them.  Once the light turned green, they all sped off, zig-zagging  in and out of traffic–between the two lanes of cars.  In other words, they made their own lane!  These guys were an accident waiting to happen!  I couldn’t help but comment , “I wonder how tough they will be when they get hauled into the emergency department after eating a mile of asphalt!” 

Yes, indeed!  I learned a lot of things on that afternoon trip to the mall.  It was a vey interesting day.  I think it’s a crazy world out there–and there’s no place like home–until the next shopping trip, that is!

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  1. The little girl clothes are a pet peeve of mine-ugh.

  2. Oh my … men wearing makeup at the makeup counter??? Yikes!!!!

    And I’m with you on little girl clothes. It’s about enough to make me take up sewing again so DD can have some sweet, respectable clothes for T#2 and T#4.

  3. I’m with you on the child’s clothes! Way to sexy for my grand child! I really hate the mall for all the same reasons as you plus the rudeness of many people (who work there!) More and more I shop on line, no lines, no walking, no freezing, no distractions of the worst kind. I exercise at home to keep my tummy down and don’t need to look at 15 year olds trying to look like 21 hookers. God help us all!

  4. I feel the same way about girl clothes and so does my daughter.
    And as long as we’re ranting, shouldn’t sequins be for evening wear?

    I’ve seen men clerking in my favorite store, Coldwater Creek and they only sale ladies clothes.

    It hasn’t gotten cool enough here for me to give up my sandals and capris yet except for a couple of days.

    I’m always amazed at the way some people dress…..and I’ve noticed what you did with the weight.

    I’ve often said that going to the Mall is a little like going to the zoo if you’re a people watcher.
    Mama Bear

  5. My grandchildren are boys so I’ve not looked at girls clothes much, but if Toddlers & Tieras is any clue to what the choice has become for little girls, you are so right. This Mom would be having a hissy too.

    I know a young guy (23) that works for a well known, high end cosmetic company. He started out selling in a Belk like store and was hired by this world famous company, to be a traveling demonstrator. He is an excellant artist and he has been known to wear it too. He’s adorable. I had been known to tell him to tone it down some or he’d scare someone. 🙂

    People watching is a great way to have some fun. I figure if someone looks and laughs at me, good for them. I’ve added somthing to their day.

  6. Well, at least you can’t say your day was dull. 😛 My daddy used to just sit on the benches in the mall and watch the people while me and my mama shopped. He said it was better than colored TV. 😀

    I was never the tall skinny one either when it came to buying clothes. Thank heavens my mama was a wiz on her sewing machine. 🙂

    PS) As you know…I’m still not the tall skinny one. 😛 LOL

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