Drip, Drop, Drip…

current view of Brandy's front porch

It has been the summer for leaks here in our neck of the woods…First, back in July, we found out that the condenser coil of our central air conditioning unit wasn’t working properly.  Apparently this wasn’t a new problem, and the coil had been dripping water in the hall closet for quite some time before we discovered it.  As a result, we have a few small hills and valleys in the floor surrounding the closet.  Fortunately, it’s nothing we can’t live with– for now.

About two weeks ago my husband discovered a leaking hose behind our washing machine.  I don’t know how long the hose had been leaking, but it hadn’t done any damage to the floor yet.  We took up a few tiles, set a fan blowing on the floor for a couple of days to dry it out, then replaced the tiles–along with all of the drain hoses.

It appears that leak issues are contageous…Wednesday afternoon, our daughter, Brandy, came over from their house next-door, saying that her husband had just discovered a leak in their kitchen!  This wasn’t just any old leak–this was the “mother of all leaks”!  The water line located underneath the kitchen cabinet, had sprung a leak at some point.  As a result, water had soaked a good portion of the floor covering under the cabinet, and in front of the sink.  Did I mention that Brandy has Pergo floor covering in her kitchen?  Pergo and water don’t mix well…

I called my husband, Ed,  at work, and asked if he would come home as soon as possible, which he did.  Late Wednesday afternoon, Ed and Clint, our son-in-law, took out the dishwasher, and the entire section of base cabinets on the wall where the leak was.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? 

They went on to take up the affected sections of Pergo, which happened to be half of the kitchen, and a portion of the dining room.   (Ed happened to be the person who put the Pergo down, so he knew how to take it up as well.)  If you know anything about Pergo, you know it links together in sections or “runs”.   This is why they ended up taking up a section of the dining room.  Thankfully, water hadn’t traveled very far, but stayed near the sink!

Since Brandy and Clint are without a cooking and eating area, they have been sharing my kitchen.  Which means a lot of running back and forth.  It’s a good thing we live so close!  We’ve pooled our supper for the past two nights.  This morning they got busy and cleared a work area in their kitchen, since it appears they may be without a sink for a few more days.  Thank goodness for an extra bedroom, which is now storing the extra kitchen stuff from the cabinets!

Wouldn’t you know…we’ve been in drought mode for months, but suddenly it’s rained off and on for the past two days!  We’re proud of the rain, but it makes it more difficult to dry the flooring out so the kitchen can be put back together! 

Of course, on Wednesday afternoon, the base kitchen cabinet broke upon its removal!  Actually it was already damaged from being removed one time before–now it’s damaged a lot worse–to the point that it really needs to be replaced.

Guess what will be going on around here this weekend?  Searching for a new base cabinet to match the old cabinets, drying out a wet floor, and, hopefully, getting everything put back together again soon.  In the meantime, Brandy and Clint will be living without water in the kitchen, walking on a half-finished floor–with lots of misplaced items, and taking lots of headache medication.  Have a great weekend, everyone 🙂


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  1. Mama always said things happen in threes. Guess this was the third one…we had a dishwasher leak at the house in Memphis and didn’t even know it until the Pergo at the entrance to the living room stated to buckle and have little beads of moisture on top. Luckily, after the dishwasher was repaired, the floor dried without taking the Pergo up. It was on a concrete slab. Pretty soon you couldn’t tell it had ever happened.
    Hope the weekend brings plenty of time for drying.
    Mama Bear

  2. I’m so glad that you all so live together! And that Ed is so handy!! Have a good weekend and maybe have a cook out??

  3. I need to do a post about our new floors- well, they aren’t new now but I did get new floors in the early 2000s. Thanks to a leaking refrigerator. And divine intervention. LOL

    At least you do live close and can share suppers together. That’s fun anyway. 🙂

  4. So sorry to hear this. What a mess. I pray it all gets repaired soon and that you find that cabinet!

  5. I hate those disasters that grow into other things. Water is the worst too. I hope this stops the leaks for all of you.

    I just a the neighbor young man (19) ring the door bell, asking if I could take him and his toy Shetland dog to the vet because it was having seizures and his car wouldn’t start. I grabbed my purse, he ran back and got the dog and off we went. The poor old thing (15 yrs old0 was back to himself shortly after we got to the vet, which was a short trip, thank goodness. We were there and back within 30 minutes, but $75.00 for him.

    It’s always something.

  6. Oh no! :-O I’ll definitely keep Clint and Brandy in my prayers. I hope the house will be fixed ASAP. 🙂

  7. I hope ya’ll get a lot accomplished this weekend.

  8. 2011, the year of the leaks will be memorable in the Ed and Kathy household! Best wishes for dealing with this latest!

  9. oh no – thank heavens they have you guys to open up your home and help out. Things like this can be so disheartening.

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